BelWo offers comprehensive professional services for Solimar software solutions to ensure they are implemented effectively and meet client expectations. BelWo relies on its well defined solution implementation process to understand the client's business requirements and objectives. Their analysis results in the best practices for automation and process reengineering which improves document workflow. BelWo's professional services include design, development, installation, configuration, testing, training and support of Belwo's custom developed code. BelWo's highly trained Solimar-certified specialists deliver the expertise needed to reduce risk and manage projects on-time and within budget.

Mike Tyler,

Solimar Systems Inc.

 BelWo Inc. and we, a global Contract Research Organization, have long-standing agreements in place ensuring a cooperative partnered relationship, the result of which is a seamless integration of people and processes. High quality, reliable, on-time data is always the final product. We are very satisfied with the speed and accuracy of BelWo's work and are comfortable discussing with them any special needs for individual studies. BelWo always works at the highest level of effort, willing to adjust resources as needed. We appreciate and value the special working relationship we have with them and we know that our partnership is an efficient and cost-effective alliance which benefits our clients and the success of their trials.

Executive Management Global CRO

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