GMC Inspire Document Composition & Migration

BelWo has rich experience in document composition and migration using various industry tools such as Printsoft PReS, Desknet, Stream Weaver, Xpression, XMPie and ExStream Dialogue, and GMC Inspire tools (GMC PrintNet T). We help our customers in tackling their overflow/ backlog of composition projects by providing a trained consulting team, leaving their staff to focus on the existing applications. Our engagements typically span everything from complete migration from existing system to GMC (many months to years) to quick artwork and message changes immediately prior to production run.

With changing industry trends, we have standardized our composition professional services around GMC Inspire tools (GMC PrintNet T). We primarily work in the following type of projects:

New GMC Composition:

We are experts at converting graphic designs approved by customer’s marketing department into fully composed PDF/ Post Script files with all business rules so that these files are ready for printing or electronic delivery. Typical projects are Statements, Invoices, Postcards, Insurance booklets, Forms, Checks, EOBs, etc. The composition data is monitored and balanced, and reports are generated along with the composition output. We also generate US postal paperwork using third party tools and add the Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMBs) during composition.

Migration from Legacy Tools to GMC:

Most often, we find missing or outdated technical specifications for applications that have been running for many years. On numerous such cases, we analyze existing applications to suggest the best migration approach to our customers. We ease the customers’ burden by creating technical specifications with all business rules, using only existing application code and samples given to us. This migration process from those applications to GMC Inspire (PrintNet T) is our unique strength as we are familiar with both GMC Inspire (PrintNet T) and those other composition tools.

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