24x7 Production Support

Operating at maximum utilization requires minimal downtime to automated systems. But in reality, things like - corrupted data files, wrong images, data transmission issues, changed formats, wrong stock, disk space limitation, changed permissions, etc., make it necessary to manually trouble shoot and restart production. We proactively monitor the systems of our customers and fix most of the commonly occurring issues. With our teams becoming the first line of defense, the support calls to our customer’s employees are reduced drastically.

  • Process Kick Off:
  • To start a process we either place a file a predefined folder, execute any .exe file or make database changes.

  • Automation Monitoring:
  • Once a process is started we keep on monitoring the process till end if any error occurs we troubleshoot it and if we cannot solve the error we intimate the concern persons

  • Troubleshooting:
  • If any error occurs then troubleshooting starts with resubmitting the same queues or tracking the errors through log files in some cases. If any unknown error occurs, Automation process queue is checked whether it is stuck anywhere, then data file is check if all the data is received completely and accurate accordingly, in some cases work flows are cross checked and if any changes required in the work flows then concerns are intimated.

  • Error Escalation:
  • If we can't solve any error during troubleshooting then we intimate the concern person with the error details through email and in some case though phone call as well.

  • Status Updates:
  • We receive files to process and status of each file that has been submitted to our team can be seen in our website. We updated the status after completion of each step and if any day we do not receive the file we update the status that “File not received”.

  • Adhoc Processing:
  • We receive adhoc files frequently. Once a adhoc file is received it is processed and sent back for proof and processed once we get back the approval.

  • Configurations:
  • Team is also capable of making configurations changes in config. file of the project. We make the changes to restart a processing, change DL of automated emails, mailing date etc.

  • Data Clean Ups:
  • Depending upon the project requirement team also cleans up data from servers to maintain its efficiency and the cleaned data is backed up.

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Production Reports:
  • Teams sends daily reports of files processed to concern persons, a weekly status sheet of files and request processed along with a graph in the sheet and at the end of month report of files processed and their mailing date is send.

  • Billing Sheets:
  • On the end of every month we send our time sheet that explains the time spent in each process and this sheet is used to bill the client.

  • Handling Minor Change Requests:
  • As all the members in our team are technical so we also make minor changes in processes like add/remove person from DL, database changes to restart process, database changes for new configurations, script changes in GMC work flows etc.

  • File Management:
  • File management includes :-

    MRDF to Pitney
    Post script to flex
    pdf and .dat to FileNet etc

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