BelWo is a pioneer in providing globally outsourced consulting services, focused on Customer Communications. We have implemented variable data based solutions for direct mail campaigns, monthly statement runs, legal notices, coverage start/ cancellation notices, etc., for major retailers, banks, insurance companies, print and mail bureaus. Our projects range from simple work flows to vertically and horizontally integrated systems. The complex systems usually link existing systems for billing, inventory, job tracking, archiving, approval, etc. With every client, be it a large fortune 500 or a smaller company, our objective is to provide timely, cost effective solutions linked to existing in-house systems.

There are four Major Services of BelWo:
GMC Inspire Document Composition & Migration

BelWo has rich experience in document composition and migration using various industry tools such as Printsoft Pres, Desknet, Stream Weaver, Xpression, XMPie and ExStream Dialogue, and GMC Inspire tools (GMC Printnet T). We help our customers in tackling their overflow/ backlog of composition projects by providing a trained consulting team, leaving their staff to focus on the..

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Automation & System Integration

With ever rising need to increase efficiency, meet compliance, provide audit track and to reduce costs, it is very important to replace manual steps with automated processes. BelWo is experienced in creating end to end automated work flows for processing raw data input into a PDF files delivered to email recipients, web portals and printers.

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Document Testing & Control

In today’s world, development staff is pressured with constantly shrinking deadlines and increased work load. On top of that, testing of newly created documents is skipped in favor of “stare and compare” by Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). These factors altogether endanger years of carefully built reputation by introducing faulty code into production mailing of letters..

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24x7 Production Support

Operating at maximum utilization requires minimal downtime to automated systems. But in reality, things like - corrupted data files, wrong images, data transmission issues, changed formats, wrong stock, disk space limitation, changed permissions, etc., make it necessary to manually trouble shoot and restart production. We proactively monitor the systems of our customers and fix..

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