Workflow Automation

BelWo’s Application Development Team has been creating automated processes for decades. Over the years the need for automated processes has increased as well as the need for 3rd party communication with MIS, Postal Software, Shipment Tracking, Inventory, and Online Storefronts. As processing systems migrate to cloudbased environments BelWo’s Development Team has leveraged APIs to build bridges between multiple third party programs. The integrations have resulted in less time double entering billing counts and work order specs. BelWo’s unique understanding of the Communications industries business processes expedites the automation process.


Software Packages used:
  • GMC Inspire
  • NCOA
  • BCC Postal Soft
  • .Net
  • Satori
  • PHP
  • Ironsides APT
  • SQL Server
  • Planet Press
  • Teamwork Project Management
  • Solimar Rubica
  • At Task
  • First Logic
  • PERL Script

In addition to building integrations through API, BelWo has developed custom programs to handle file management, processing, and secure online proofing portals for proof approval with automated email triggers. With production cycles and SLA times lessening, making every second count is paramount. BelWo’s data processing automation notifies senders of file receipt. Files can be processed overnight without human intervention if there are any issues an email is triggered to designated troubleshooters.