A Top Insurance Organization Expedites Migration to New Platform with Support of BelWo

Project Background
One of Canada’s top ten insurance companies, providing commercial lines of insurance, has a passion for providing winning solutions and unparalleled service that goes beyond the insurance solutions it provides. The company strives to build committed relationships with its partners-customers and brokers-by truly understanding their needs and investing in their success.

The company was using a homegrown legacy document composition solution to produce its varied insurance documents, but homegrown systems developed over years are not easily maintainable. It required a tremendous amount of time to update templates when policy changes were required and on-boarding new clients was a long process. Additionally, the person who developed and supported the in-house software had retired. A decision was made to replace the company’s in-house system with Quadient, a single, comprehensive platform that promised to deliver considerable savings on maintenance and programming costs and provide a standardized platform for all the insurer’s brands. However, migrating from a legacy system that housed years of existing documents to a new software platform does not come without its challenges.

The Challenge
Deploying a new software system while still working on day-to-day business requirements can be a stress on any programming department. The insurance company had acquired several additional companies as it had grown. In the legacy system each company had its own set of templates and common forms were not utilized. The company knew Quadient was a powerful CCM tool that could bring everything together into a cohesive workflow. They still had to invest time to figure out the best way to build in Quadient, with its rich feature set. With scarce in-house resources, the company decided to engage with an outside resource. A member of the IT team began to search the web for a delivery partner that was not only within their budget but also had the experience and expertise working with Quadient. They needed a partner that could scale up quickly to meet their needs and their launch deadline.

The Solution
We get visitors every day on our website, checking out our services,” said Gautam Kanwar, President and CEO of BelWo. “I happened to notice this insurance company searching our website quite often, so I decided to give them a call. One thing led to another and I was introduced to the CIO, who asked us to come in for an analysis. What we discovered was that given our expertise with this software, their problems were not too big for us to handle.”

There were 231 items on a list of things that needed to be immediately de-bugged for the migration to be production ready. BelWo sent two of its key people to the Canadian location and within 28 working days the project’s programming was completed and sent to QA for testing. While the insurance company was worried that it would not meet its go-live dates, with the help of the BelWo team, it went live went right on schedule.

Passing this initial proof of concept and with confidence established, the insurance company then asked the BelWo team to help migrate the more than 80-page policy documents needed for its auto and property casual lines of business. For each project, BelWo put into motion its four-phase implementation strategy for each migration that includes programming, complex logic and design, testing the assumptions for accuracy against produced output, and working with the client to run a parallel test to ensure all required functionality was working as expected.

Having the ability to scale to whatever level of support a company needs, the BelWo team soon became a support team of 20 for the company, as the insurer has continued to increase its engagement with BelWo on multiple projects. The most recent year long engagement launched with 0 bugs and was completed ahead of schedule. The Insurer’s QA team referred to the latest bug free launch as a “Dream Come True”. The IT team has noted a significant reduction in development and associated costs for its communications due to the successful migration. Additionally, the management team appreciates the strong support received from the BelWo team. “They have been extremely helpful in showing us the best way to accomplish certain tasks,” said a senior vice president for the insurance company. “I’ve worked with many vendors over the years and the BelWo team is at the top of the list when it comes to their knowledge and professionalism.”

The senior vice president said he appreciates BelWo’s expertise, capability and best practices. But most of all, he appreciates the discipline in the way the teams work. “Utilizing BelWo’s highly-skilled and trained team reduced the stress we felt in making the decision to move from our legacy system and expedited the migration to our new software platform with their extensive knowledge. They’ve been just amazing.”


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