An Opportunity to Reset and Automate Your CCM Processes

What has been named the “Great Resignation,” is resulting in a mounting labor shortage that is challenging many businesses—and causing companies to rethink their people-dependent processes. An advantage of this is the opportunity to redesign your customer communications with automation in mind. The business of staying connected has never been more important—or more complicated. New challenges demand that intelligent, easy-to-use tools from mobile devices are the future. Fortunately, there are many excellent software solutions continuing to push the envelope so you can create new ways to move your customer communications forward.

From proprietary programs that range from those packaged with a manufacturer’s printer to custom modularized automation platforms, pricing can vary significantly. When moving to more automated processes, it is important to look for software that is flexible and also has an eye on research and development. A serious commitment to social platforms and alternative ways to get the attention of the new generation is also key. It may be time to survey customers to discover how they are consuming media and how they want it delivered.

Archival capability is another key area, along with PDF size, storage and attention to accessibility. And let’s not forget to seek out and leverage new approaches, such as artificial intelligence (AI). AI-based solutions are available in the market today that can do work faster, with less cost and more accurately than manual processes. With paper being less desirable as communications evolve, platforms that can be leveraged to ensure the accurate delivery of customer messages across all channels will continue to take precedence.

Finally, explore what the vendor company is doing to encourage innovation within its own walls. The right partner not only sells a solution that works for today, the company also actively invests in developing solutions that meet the increasing requirement to simplify and speed the creation of customer communications.

As you take a fresh look at the business model you have operating in place today, and find ways to make processes less people-dependent and more solution-centric, know that our BelWo team is here to help. BelWo’s Application Development Team has been creating automated processes for decades leveraging APIs to build bridges between multiple third-party programs.

Contact us today to see how we can help you reset your CCM processes by choosing the right system for your business to ensure you can meet your goals.


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