BelWo & DMM Partner to On-Board Major Health Insurance In Record Time

The Challenge

DMM partners with many high volume customers that require demanding and complicated workflows. DMM had an opportunity to replace a current vendor and win a major health insurance customer application provided they could on-board eight applications within two and a half months. It was a very big endeavor with multiple fixed and variable length input files. It also included postscript output for print, pdf for electronic presentment, and txt for reconciliation reports. Conditional Logics for the BRD ran into hundreds of pages requiring significant analysis ( and often clarifications from customers).

DMM has a very strong IT staff in onboarding complex workflows with short notice but the project required resources beyond the current team to meet and implement the new requirements on a tight delivery schedule. DMM reached out to BelWo because of their depth of experience in creating complex workflows. BelWo was able to interpret and understand the business rules of the project, on-boarded in record time, and contributed significantly in the heavy lifting to meet the customer application deadlines with a high degree of accuracy.

The Solution

BelWo set-up an on-site meeting to define the delivery model with effective communication and project management across different time zones. The BelWo team worked remotely connected securely to DMM infrastructure via VPN eliminating compatibility issues of different GMC versions. To enhance the efficiency with an aggressive deliverables timeline.

In order to achieve the schedule, regular project meetings were scheduled with DMM to discuss the roadblocks. They had noticed many times that some business rules were not written in BRD. BelWo worked with DMM to confirm the updated BRD to meet the timeline. Once BelWo received the updated BRD then they were able to conform the programming accordingly and within schedule.

About DMM – DMM Inc. is a 30+ year old privately held business critical communications provider specializing in transactional printing and direct mail programs.


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