BelWo’s Roadmap for Training and Development

Training has always been a top priority at BelWo because we know that a solid training and education program results in our developers being able to expertly meet our customers’ needs. To that end, our training consists of a rigorous multi-month program that covers these three areas: the scope and complexity of the various aspects of customer communications management (CCM), required technical skills, and BelWo employee protocols.

It all begins with CCM

Our CCM 101 training kick-starts our program because knowledge of the workings of the CCM industry will result in an understanding of why certain things are required once the developer starts working on actual projects. During this section, we share the nuances of the different industries we serve. This includes an inside view into the document requirements inherent in the verticals, such as Healthcare, Insurance, utilities, Credit Union and others. The goal is to give the trainee a solid understanding of what their actual work will look like in the near future based on what each vertical expects us to deliver.

Next up is technical training

We have categorized our technical training into many logical sections based on our industry leading agile delivery methodologies for CCM. Each section includes multiple practice projects for practice, empowering the trainee to hit the ground running when assigned on live projects. We also have technical skill competitions, providing an excellent showcase of newly learned skills and boosting confidence all around.

Wrapping it up with those important “soft skills”

However, we know there is more to solid training than technical skills. Understanding business protocols (the small things that differentiate a business) is another particularly important part of our training. It includes “soft skills,” such as how to communicate clearly in an email, how to effectively communicate with each other and our customers, advanced organizational skills and more.

After thorough review, trainees are awarded certifications declaring them as CCM developers and based on their individual styles and preferences, are paired with delivery leaders with years of experience for further mentorship.

Our BelWo promise: To delight our customers

One thing any company that partners with BelWo can be assured of is that the BelWo team assigned to work on its project is highly skilled at meeting a company’s strategic goals. With trained expertise in document applications for full-scale omnichannel experiences, all our developers have the tools and experience to support even the most complex of projects.

Here is what one recent customer had to say: We appreciate BelWo’s expertise, capabilities and best practices. But most of all, we appreciate the discipline in the way the teams work. Utilizing BelWo’s highly skilled and trained team reduced the stress we felt in making the decision to move from our legacy system and expedited the migration to our new software platform with their extensive knowledge. We are so happy to be working with BelWo.

At BelWo, we are immensely proud of our training program and all our employees – and look forward to meeting your CCM needs soon!


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