MICR Line Format Explained

It is the character-recognition technology invented in the 1950s that has allowed financial institutions to streamline or ease their check processing and clearance of cheques and other documents. The characters are printed with special MICR Fonts and are known as MICR Characters, which must be printed with MICR Toner or MICR Ink. It is important as once a check is deposited into the bank, it is sent to a central location for processing, where high-speed readers/sorters read the MICR line information by sending a magnetic charge to the paper and reads the routing number and the account n...

Decoding the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode

The Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) is a 65-bar barcode for use on mail in the United States. The term “Intelligent Mail” refers to services offered by the United States Postal Service for domestic mail delivery. It effectively incorporates the routing ZIP code and tracking information included in previously used postal barcode standards.Use of the barcode provides increased overall efficiency, including improved delivery, and new services. The main component of the barcode is the Delivery Point Identifier (DPID), an eight-digit number that encodes the destination of the mail. This is the...