BelWo’s Roadmap for Training and Development

Training has always been a top priority at BelWo because we know that a solid training and education program results in our developers being able to expertly meet our customers’ needs. To that end, our training consists of a rigorous multi-month program that covers these three areas: the scope and complexity of the various aspects of customer communications management (CCM), required technical skills, and BelWo employee protocols. It all begins with CCM Our CCM 101 training kick-starts our program because knowledge of the workings of the CCM industry will result in an understanding of w...

Thinking About a Cloud Strategy? Now is the Time.

The cloud is a powerful computing source that is giving freedom for people to work from anywhere at any time. It is also giving companies the most flexibility to grow their business without increasing staffing to manage hardware. We now see software vendors offering the option to utilize complete software functionality in the cloud. While these advancements are exciting, the following question continues to be raised: How secure are we with our data and our software in the cloud? To that question, it is also good to consider this one: Is your client data 100% secure in your local environment...

A Strategy for Customer Experience Management (CXM) Requires the Right Technology

With work from home becoming the norm, engaging customers and prospects are increasingly more challenging. As an industry, the management of your customer communications must include a view into the entire customer experience to ensure the messages you are sending are both relevant and consistent. As an example, companies cannot afford to have multiple sign-on for credit cards versus shopping versus customer points programs. Today’s consumers expect to shop, pay bills, sign documents, and buy cars with ease right from their wireless device seamlessly. An understanding of Customer Experi...

Looking Forward to Prepare for Recovery

Even with the delta variant surging, businesses and the economy are bouncing back from the initial shock of the pandemic. It is a good time to assess if you are ready for an increase in demand as well as able adapt to the changes a new business normal will require. This time of transition is the perfect time to reevaluate your customer communications management (CCM) processes. Here are three question that will help you plan: 1. Are our processes fast enough? Now is the time to assess the best way to provide customers with information about your products or services and how quickly t...

Ensuring an ROI on Your CCM Investment

Recently, an article I wrote, “How to Leverage Tech in Customer Communications,” was published in Insurance Thought Leadership. It talks about the challenges inherent in communicating with customers who may carry different products (e.g. life insurance, health and disability etc.) with a single insurance company. When it comes to producing varied documents, issues arise as to how to coordinate multiple, separate applications, systems and processes to produce communications that are consistent and show they understand the relationship the recipient has with the enterprise. Understanding wh...

How to Use an Anchor in a Layout with Line Data

Anchors are objects that identify pages, data areas or other anchors in order to determine which one of those objects should be used to read data at a given position. Additionally, they can be used to confirm that the data being read from them is the data that is expected or to set a relative position for other objects. Anchors read all data in the position where it is placed and have a condition attached, i.e. if the data meets the condition set then the anchor is also met. We can use anchors in the layout if we have multiple tables in a flow area and one of the table is being repeat...

BelWo to Attend APAC Inspire Days in Singapore

Members of the BelWo team will be attending APAC Inspire Days in Singapore on August 13th. BelWo is a Quadient Support Partner in the Asia Pacific. Inspire days is a great chance to learn about upcoming software upgrades, innovations in CCM and much more. Our team looks forward to meeting Quadient Inspire Users and sharing ideas at Inspire Days. Contact us today if you would like to meet up.

BelWo Attending Quadient Inspire Days Boston

Members of the BelWo team will be attending Inspire Days Americas in Boston from September 19th -21st. Inspire days is a great chance to learn about upcoming software upgrades, innovations in CCM and much more. Our team looks forward to meeting Quadient Inspire Users and sharing ideas at Inspire Days. Contact us today if you would like to meet up.

BelWo Becomes a Quadient Support Partner

BelWo Inc. has been recently added to Quadient's coveted Support Partner Program. The Support Partner Program recognizes companies with a mastery of Quadient products. BelWo's team is uniquely capable of providing Best In Class programming solutions for Quadient Clients. We are honored to be a Quadient partner. We will continue to provide great services and solutions.  

Richard Coulson Joins BelWo’s United Kingdom Team

BelWo is pleased to announce the Richard Coulson has joined our United Kingdom team. With significant experience in marketing lead IT solutions Richard can claim to have pioneered many firsts – the first Magazine with personalised inner and outer pages, development of the first transactional statements to include personalised marketing messages, the first full colour magazine with totally variable personalised graphics as well as text. Previous positions include General Manager with Spectrum Data Services; Group IT Director with Communisis plc; Project Director with Gi-Solutions; Tec...