Using Quadient (GMC) Inspire to Expedite Process After a Merger

The Challenge

A major Canadian insurance company had three subsidiaries all working independently. Each office had its own forms, processes, and software systems.  Overtime it became clear to become more efficient the three subsidiaries had to merge into one company.  With the merging of the under one brand overlapping processes, software systems and documents needed to be evaluated and replaced. As document composition and automation specialist BelWo was challenged with meeting the following goals:

  • Evaluate, Propose & Implement Combined Templates
  • Convert old documents into the new system
  • Document the process and train the Client

The Solution

In order to completely understand the process a BelWo Business Analyst (BA) went on site for 4 days to complete discovery and propose a solution. During the discovery process it became apparent that the project would require a dedicated resource onsite.

Phase I.  Property & Liability Division

  • Identify and convert the most used documents: Quotes, New Policy, Reissue, Reinstatement, Cancellations, Renewal and Endorsement
  • Utilize Quadient (GMC) Automation product to automate policy creation
  • Import information from front end software to Quadient (GMC) Automation to create policies
  • Document the template creation process

Phase II. Automotive Division

  • Utilize the strategy in Phase I for Phase 2
  • Create Additional Templates for Commissions Statement & Pink Slips
  • Document the process and train the Client
Utilizing Quadient (GMC) Inspire to standardize the forms and automate policy creation processes increased efficiency exponentially and shortened the learning curve between the former subsidiaries. Throughout the process BelWo provided updates and Client training as processes were finalized.


Tools Used:

  • Quadient (GMC) Inspire Designer
  • Quadient (GMC) Automation
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Adobe PDF
  • SharePoint


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