Company Overview

BelWo develops, deploys and manages Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions for enterprises and print service providers worldwide. As a solutions-focused partner with deep expertise in CCM, enterprises turn to us to support complex CCM initiatives that range from smaller scale document applications to full-scale omnichannel digital experiences. Our mission is to help our client companies meet strategic CCM goals, add value to every customer communication, reduce costs and improve the workflows of mission-critical CCM processes.  

We are often asked about the unique name of our company, BelWo pronounced Bel-Voo. Our founder Gautam Kanwar, was looking for a unique name. As a programmer, he happened to have a JavaScript Book on his desk. He actually randomly selected pages from the book and wherever his finger landed on the page he picked that letter. After a couple of hours of scrambling the letters around, he decided on BelWo.  

It was certainly a creative way to name our company and it speaks volumes to our continued dedication to innovation and creative problem solving which our team embraces. We love what we do and we look forward to working with your company.