Five Ways a Managed Service Provider Brings Value to Your CCM Team

Your customer communications management (CCM) software enables you to produce and distribute communications across a wide range of media. However, many of today’s CCM systems extend much further than simply the ability to communicate with clients on a regular basis and respond appropriately.

Many organizations already have an effective CCM strategy—and often have full-time staff dedicated to exploring all the capabilities these systems offer. Yet, most CCM systems are not completely self-managing, so reaping the rewards and earning ROI requires knowledgeable and experienced personnel to operate them effectively. For many small-to-medium-sized organizations, this presents an ongoing challenge on a number of levels. For example, finding the right people to fill such a specialized position today is more than a challenge, it is a reality of what we face when seeking candidates as we near post-pandemic.

The good news is that as CCM solutions have evolved, and labor shortage has become a reality, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) specializing in implementing CCM in a variety of industries and environments have evolved alongside these challenges. A CCM MSP is the expert you bring in as part of our team to help deploy, develop, maintain and support the operation of your CCM platform to ensure you are optimizing your investment and harvesting the benefits.

In general terms, your organization will typically have an existing CCM platform in place; and the MSP will put his or her expertise to work to manage it for you, assisting you in the following and more:

  • Reach out to the various departments in your organization for necessary guidance and input to develop a functioning system.
  • Maintain your system per service level agreements.
  • Onboard new customers and content.
  • Fulfill your requirements regarding legal and regulatory compliance as well as internal approvals.
  • Handle any new development, upgrades or changes to your CCM software.

While your business most likely has an existing IT department, the stand how to effectively develop, integrate, and deploy CCM in your environment and may not have the time to learn these additional skills to take full advantage of your software’s capabilities in a timely way. An MSP brings specific expertise to your organization that ensures you are getting the most out of your investment.

An MSP will work on the CCM system installed in your own building and behind your security system and other security arrangements. No customer archives or other company records will need to be moved from your own servers, and communication templates and related data remain on your own premises.

Engaging an MSP with a background in your industry can deliver the full return on your CCM investment by helping to fully deploy its communication capabilities to bring in new customers as well as maintaining positive and cooperative relationships with your existing customers. When your CCM systems are effectively managed, customer relationships are solidified throughout the customer lifecycle.

BelWo offers managed service capabilities with a partnership attitude led by quality-assured and risk-managed full-service teams who maintain and operate the solution on your behalf to ensure your solution investments are reinforced with secure, stable, reliable performance. Contact us today to learn more!


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