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The CX 360° Diet: Cleansing, Strengthening and Connecting Your Systems and Enterprise

By Gautam Jit Kanwar, President, BelWo, Inc.

The first quarter of 2022 is behind us, and many of us may have slid on the fitness resolutions we made in January. All of us reading this know that accountability is the key to successfully making changes. Just like consistent attention to our health is important, consistent attention to our business processes is paramount as well. There is still time to get your business in shape to address the challenges of 2022 we all face: employee shortages, fewer face-to-face interactions and digital transformation that can’t wait. Investing in improving the systems you have in place and fostering a mindset within your company that elevates your overall customer experience (CX) is the fitness test for today’s business. Here are three steps to get started.

The Great Resignation: An Opportunity to Reset?

By Gautam Jit Kanwar, President, BelWo, Inc.

It’s all over the news. Millions of people around the world are re-evaluating their careers. Many are moving into new fields, long-term employees are retiring early at record rates and some employees are just quitting. In November of this year alone, 4.5 million people have left their jobs. What has been named the “Great Resignation,” is resulting in a mounting labor shortage that is challenging many businesses— and causing companies to rethink their people-dependent processes. With fewer mid-level managers returning to work, businesses are now faced with finding ways to do more with fewer people.

Navigating the Path to Automation

October 27, 2020 By Gautam Jit Kanwar Since the advent of the assembly line, manufacturers have looked for ways to continuously improve production throughput—the customer communications industry is no different. Through advancements in the quality, throughput and flexibility of digital equipment, communications providers now have new avenues of capacity. However, challenges still exist in processing data, expediting approval and getting the print-ready files to the production floor. READ MORE

Harvesting the Benefits of Your Technology Investment Starts with the Right Support

Having a well-managed CCM system ensures your ability to optimize the customer experience

October 21, 2020 By Gautam Jit Kanwar The birth of what we now know as customer communications management (CCM) began almost two decades ago with the ability to personalize what were then called “documents.” Over the years, those documents have evolved into complex CCM applications designed to support an enterprise’s initiatives to improve the customer experience. READ MORE

Four Steps to Successful Migration of Insurance CCM Applications

September 16, 2020 By Gautam Jit Kanwar Many companies today want to shift from legacy systems to a modern customer communications management (CCM) platform to take advantage of the benefits these systems deliver, such as improved efficiency, speed of digital transformation, reduced maintenance cost and, most importantly, the ability to offer a better customer experience. However, the prospect of migrating your customer communications assets to a new system can be overwhelming. READ MORE

Inside Marketing: 3 Paths To Managing Member Communications

June 18, 2020 By Gautam Jit Kanwar Finding the right balance between IT, business user and managed service provider involvement is unique to each credit union. As credit unions continue to work toward digital transformation and the need to provide an omnichannel member experience, many face the challenge of how to handle the complexity of producing and delivering communications through the member’s channel of choice. Business-critical communications have become increasingly complex, with members now asking to receive them not only by print or email, but also (or alternatively) via SMS text and mobile. READ MORE

Version Control

We’ve come a long way since 1787 May 20, 2020 By Gautam Jit Kanwar Document version control can be interesting. Ongoing official versions of the U.S. Constitution exist, for example, as do the drafts leading up to its initial adoption. The Constitution, like most documents we deal with each day, is a living communication used to make something official in a legally binding sense. “Legally binding sense?” – well, that part isn’t so much fun, but it is important. READ MORE

Ensure the Quality of Complex Documents with QA Testing

March 5, 2020 By Gautam Jit Kanwar One might think that digital advances in technology have made it easy to push a button at one end of a customer communications management (CCM) system to create thousands of invoices, statements, customized correspondence and other complex documents—and then deliver them with consistency through multiple channels. While technology has made it easier to produce and distribute documents, the production process can still suffer complications and errors. READ MORE

PayThink Card diversification has created a communications deadlock for issuers

October 17, 2019 By Gautam Jit Kanwar As credit card usage has become the norm for most consumers, card providers are working hard to innovate a wide variety of programs that appeal to individual customers. READ MORE

4 Steps for a Successful Migration to Your New Platform

August 16, 2019 By Gautam Jit Kanwar Migration from legacy systems to a single Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform can be challenging, but it is strategically important for today’s enterprises to have the ability to better communicate with customers. Here is a four-step approach to help eliminate the trial and error that often arises while performing a migration. READ MORE

Optimize your communications to borrowers with the right support

March 18, 2019 The mortgage industry came late to digital transformation, waking to omnichannel customer communications only in the last few years. While the industry has always faced the challenges of managing borrower communications—the stacks of paperwork and the need for bona fide signatures—lenders today are racing to stay on top of the digitization of the customer experience. Forward-leaning lenders are even sending communications via SMS text, collecting e-signatures or scanned signatures via mobile devices. READ MORE

The importance of digital customer communications software

Here’s how a managed service provider (MSP) can help optimize customer communications. March 13, 2019 As property & casualty insurers advance further into digital transformation projects, the need for integration of cloud and non-cloud systems becomes increasingly important. Nowhere is this more evident than the area of customer communications. READ MORE