Creating an Interactive Interview Page for a Large Healthcare Insurer with Quadient Inspire

Would you prefer to show business partners how to accomplish your goals, or would you prefer a business partner with the experience to lead the way in achieving them? Today, insurers are under pressure to improve their Net Promoter Score (NPS) by providing an exceptional customer experience. It is one of the main differentiating factors for health payers for strongly regulated health plans with no room for product differentiation.

BelWo was recently approached by a multi-billion-dollar healthcare company with a specific requirement. The challenge was to build an extensive electronic interview page using Quadient Inspire Interactive. The purpose of variable interview screens was to capture user selections and input via dropdowns or text entry. This captured data was then used to customize healthcare insurance documents offered through employer-sponsored health plans.

BelWo’s client was very specific about the user experience they wanted in terms of the logic behind the interview pages. For example, it was important for them to discern how a selection for a given question may affect whether related questions would be presented to the user, and what options would be presented in those questions. A firm foundation of logic was necessary for the next step—making the interview form dynamic with Quadient Inspire Interactive.

Quadient Inspire Interactive automates process steps to make it possible to fully concentrate on ensuring the right message is received by the client. It provides a fully integrated interactive correspondence solution with a multichannel backend that can accommodate customer preferences for digital solutions very easily. Insurers profit from less paper usage and save on postage costs in addition to a shortened response time for a customer request. Quadient Inspire Interactive is ideal for insurance enterprises that want to provide customer-facing employees with the flexibility and autonomy they need to quickly view which situations need immediate action. Companies benefit by eliminating manual processes and multi-step solutions.

Our client found value in defining the goal and logic behind the questions in the form, and then turning over the execution to BelWo. The BelWo team then created proof of concepts to demonstrate the best approach and regularly communicated with our insurance client throughout development on what the product would look like to the end user. Our client was happy not only with the product, but also with the process of getting there!


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