Looking Forward to Prepare for Recovery

Even with the delta variant surging, businesses and the economy are bouncing back from the initial shock of the pandemic. It is a good time to assess if you are ready for an increase in demand as well as able adapt to the changes a new business normal will require. This time of transition is the perfect time to reevaluate your customer communications management (CCM) processes. Here are three question that will help you plan:

1. Are our processes fast enough?

Now is the time to assess the best way to provide customers with information about your products or services and how quickly that information can be presented—and to have the infrastructure in place to hasten the task of preparing and sending those customer communications. Take time to review your processes and procedures to find any common issues, address them and determine a way they can be automated for the future. If you don’t want to invest in automated capabilities internally, seek a way to outsource it to a trusted vendor. Identifying the processes and having a clear understanding of why the processes are in place and how to align them with your business objectives is the first step to having a streamlined workflow that provides faster delivery of your communications and lowers your costs.

2. How quickly can we respond to ever-changing business conditions?

COVID-19 brought the need for a digitalized environment front and center. In many cases, business functions that involved manual intervention came to a standstill. Gone was the ability to physically access documents from a file drawer for a signature. Gone was the ability to onboard new customers face-to-face with paper forms. For many businesses, producing and mailing customer communications from remote locations also became a huge challenge. Going forward, you will need to respond to all types of work environments with the ability to integrate channels like email and SMS with legacy mail or PDF communications to deliver the experience customers want.

3. How stable is our employee base?

Another significant consideration is related to the pandemic itself. Many people have been lost to illness or simply to retirement. Can they be replaced? Who else in your organization knows how your systems work and why they work? Consider cross training your staff to be assured someone is in place to carry on if a critical member of your staff should leave. With remote working here to stay it is important to design future processes with a distributed workforce in mind. Rethinking how to find and use the talent you need to operate efficiently may require some thinking outside the box.

At BelWo, we have the expertise and bandwidth to help you scale up to meet the needs of your customers, regardless of current business conditions. We bring decades of experience in complex CCM industries like insurance, healthcare, financial and retail. Leveraging the expertise of our strong international technical group, we can help effectively answer the question above and create a positive future by taking a careful look at new possibilities.


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