Make Room CCM—It’s Now All About CXM

For several years now, the role physical mail plays in the communication journey has been challenged. With the advent of mobile phones, almost every person in each corner of the globe has a tiny computer in their hand. While paper continues to be part of the customer communication equation, it is no longer all of the equation. Customer communication management (CCM) is now sharing the spotlight with the shiny new kid in town: customer experience (CX) and customer experience management (CXM). The new world of CX is not measured by 8.5 x 11 pages or interested in traditional formats. We now live in a world of 280 characters or less. To meet a company’s CX goals, it is necessary to bring multiple channels (think SMS, social media, online customer portals and artificial intelligence (AI)) to the communication mix to meet the expectations and preferences of customers. To remain relevant, companies must not only provide omni-channel services, but they must also keep current with the evolving trends and requirements of CXM.

The pandemic hastened the move toward digital communication. Additionally, AI’s role in customer service has changed. AI does more than route questions. Many systems have learned enough to answer basic questions with that the “person” on the website chat that is really a function of AI. The good news is CCM platforms have evolved into CX hubs with email, SMS, digital communication modules and add-ons, making management of campaigns and assets easier. No matter the medium, being adept at implementing CCM platforms that can monitor and measure responses, and customers can change how they want to receive messages, billing and statements, is important.

What does that mean for your CCM strategy? It means finding a way to move it to a holistic and transformational CXM that makes it possible to hyper-personalize your communications while reducing costs and enhancing the customer experience. Modernizing your CCM strategy with the right technology and support will allow for digital growth that will give customers more control over their documents, achieve a better ROI from your license investments, streamline policyholder communications and future proof the ability to meet evolving customer expectations.

Finding ways to effectively implement a CXM strategy not only improves customer communications, it also takes the guesswork out of how to communicate so your clients can focus on what to communicate. To be competitive in this market, every business must leverage the investments made in current CCM/CX systems. At BelWo we can help you do just that!

The BelWo team has extensive experience with CCM and CX tools. Our team of certified professionals assists clients daily mapping out client communications and providing consulting services to make your transition to CX smooth and your customers happy. Contact 866-992-3596 or today for more information.


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