Optimization of Donation Drive for Major Midwest University

The Challenge

A Print Service Bureau Client was working with an University Alumni Association’s Annual fundraising campaign. The project consisted of:
  • 50+ Databases in Various Formats including fixed with, and delimited
  • Conditional Donation Amounts Based on Year Graduated, Past Giving History, and Degree Received
  • Multiple Letter Versions Based on Campus and Degree Earned
  • 6 Preprinted Letterstocks
  • 4 Donation Return Envelopes
The client’s goals were to streamline the process, while also keeping the uniqueness of the packages through:
  • Creating Fewer Print Files
  • Increasing Postal Savings
  • Reducing Data Processing & Production Time

The Solution

First BelWo conducted a review of the multiple packages created previously. Next a matrix was built of all the different possible combinations of final packages and reviewed with the client.  Upon client approval of the matrix the data normalization process began.  Each file was converted to one common format. The data files were updated with key fields to pull the correct letter and a report was created to test against the original matrix. Next each letter was set as a PDF proof for the client to approve via Proofing Engine before creating print files. Upon approval, each package with the same printed materials was combined to make a single print file. The data was then run through NCOA, and CASS certification for postal discounting.

Previous runs of the project resulted in over 60 print files. With the new programming, the print files were reduced to 15  files with a deeper postal discount. The decrease in the number of files resulted in easier tracking in production and ultimately a production time in half as required. The client deadline was met and a program to automate some of the process for the next Alumni Donor Campaign was created for a smaller run to be done later in the year.

Tools Used
  • Quadient (GMC) Inspire
  • BCC Postal Processing
  • NCOA
  • PDF
  • 2D Barcode Match


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