Rapid .Net Development for Redesigned Utility Payment Portal

When a Utility Statement processing provider was met with an aggressive timeline to deploy an updated  EBPP platform they turned to BelWo. The billing provider had an existing Electronic Bill Payment and Present (EBPP) platform, due to client demands new features needed to be rapidly deployed. The Client had a new customer on-boarding requiring changes to the existing system. After discussing the project the team immediately went to work on building the new portal. The BelWo team focused on the functionality of the EBPP portal as the customer made database changes.

The Client provided style sheets as well as secure remote access to their system. Daily meeting were scheduled to review progress and add extra functionality as the project matured. Prior to each pages completion the BelWo’s Quality Assurance & Testing team validated the page functionality. In this phase BelWo was able to identify items that were not working with the SQL database. The feedback from the team assisted the client in troubleshooting the portal and provided an extra layer of testing.

Working methodically with the client produced a final product that was fully functional and deployed within the Client’s timeline.


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