CCM With Quadient (GMC) Inspire

BelWo’s CCM Team has mastered the latest Quadient  Inspire tools to create consistent content across multiple communications platforms: print, e-mail, mobile, and social media. Our team of seasoned professionals reduces the implementation cycle and provides valuable testing and reporting to ensure every communication is accurate and uniform. The majority of the BelWo CCM Team’s work consists of new Quadient architecture requiring programming from client specifications and Migrations from other platforms such as: Doc 1, XMPie, Planet Press, Stream Weaver, Xpressions, and ExStream Dialogue. BelWo invests heavily in training, CCM Team members are required to go through a rigorous three-months training upon joining the team. As new features and modules are added to Quadient Inspire’s toolset, each CCM team member is required to pass a test developed by the BelWo Training and Education team to continue as a CCM team member.
  • Document Redesign
  • Variable Marketing Messages
  • Dynamic Tables & Graphs
  • Conditional Workflows
  • System Integrations
  • Multi-Channel Messaging
New Quadient (GMC) Inspire Projects
BelWo’s CCM Teams are experts in converting graphic designs into fully composed PDF/PostScript files with all business rules so that these files are ready for deployment to send out: email, web, mobile and printed media communications. The CCM Team has experience across the following vertices:


  • Financial
  • Credit
  • Insufficient Funds


  • Utility
  • Retail
  • Service

Insurance Welcome Kits

  • Life
  • Auto
  • Health


  • Payroll & Accounts Payable
  • Refunds
  • Rebates

Explanation of Benefit (EOBs)

Collection Notices

  • Past Due Notices
  • Collections Services
  • Insufficient Notices

Direct Marketing

  • Point of Service Programs
  • Cross Media Programs
  • Traditional Direct Mail

Tax Documents

  • Government
  • State
  • City
Communication data is monitored and balanced and reports are generated along with the communication output. In addition to composition communication services the BelWo CCM Team, also generates postal paperwork, links in with 3rd party tools such as: Ironsides APT, BCC, Satori, Informed Delivery, and IMB Barcodes.
Legacy Projects Migrated to Quadient (GMC) Inspire
BelWo’s CCM Team has migrated many projects from legacy systems to Quadient Inspire (formerly PrintNet-T). As an industry-leading tool, Quadient Inspire migration projects requests are increasing daily. Our CCM Team utilizing a 4 Phase Implementation strategy to complete each migration successfully. Migrating to a new software while increasing business can be a stress on any programming department. Utilizing BelWo’s highly skilled and trained team reduces the stress on our Client’s programming departments and expedites the migration to Quadient Inspire.
BelWo’s Implementation Formula

Phase I – Discovery

In the Discovery Phase, BelWo sets-up a project in cloud-based Teamwork Project to manage every aspect of creations to delivery. The next step in the process is to review the project requirements and specification with the Project Manager, Programming Team Lead and Account Manager. During the project review process, BelWo identifies possible .Net/PHP programming that may be needed to complement the solution. Next, a meeting is scheduled with the Client and the BelWo team. The initial project meeting is also an opportunity to request additional asset needed for the project as well as gain access needed to SFTP.

Phase II – Design & Development

In the Design Phase, the Development Phase, the CCM team begins solution architecture following the development best practices. SPRINTS have been identified in the project plan. As each one is completed the team reviews and tests the assumptions for accuracy against produced output. In the event, additional questions arise the team schedules time with the Client to review any additional questions and update the status of the project. For delivery of each milestone, the BelWo Quality Assurance and Testing Team create a testing plan for final review of the code. The objective is to prove all requirements have been met and the code. A Proof of Concept is created and submitted for review.

Phase III – Delivery

In Phase III, Delivery, each completed module is delivered to the Client for review and approval. The Project Manager will review the deliverable and verify all objectives have been met. During this phase, there may be changes requested. Any changes will be documented sent back to the BelWo CCM Team to update the design, logic or reporting and sent back through the BelWo Quality Assurance and Testing Team. Test case reports are produced and provided to the Client as part of the delivery.

Phase IV – Deployment

In the final Phase Deployment, the project programming has been completed, thoroughly tested and is ready for live production. Prior to live production, the Project Manager will work with the client to run a parallel test to ensure all required functionality is working as expected. As programs are initially deployed the BelWo CCM Team is available to for any unforeseen changes or issues that may occur to ensure a stress- free launch. Finally, coding and documentation are provided to the Client. In many cases after deployment, the project is passed on to BelWo’s 24×7 Production Support Team. The team will monitor project activity.