.Net Applications Development

BelWo has assembled a highly trained team of .Net and PHP developers to support the CCM Team as well as develop new applications for Clients with a wide range of functionality. During the Discovery Phase of onboarding new projects, BelWo’s Dev Team is engaged to review projects and identify areas in which .Net/PHP programming may be necessary. The Application Dev Team typically creates programs to normalize data, create reporting, and implement quality check procedures.
Application Features :
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Task Automation
  • MIS System Integration
  • Google API Integration
  • Automated Document Factory Modules

Programming Process

Phase I – Discovery/Requirements Gathering

Phase I of implementations is Discovery. In the Discovery Phase BelWo sets up a project in cloud-based Teamwork Project to manage every aspect of creations to delivery. The next step in the process is to review the project requirements and specifications. During the project review process Next a meeting is scheduled with the Client and the BelWo team to discuss any additional questions from the initial project review meeting. The initial project meeting is an opportunity to request additional assets needed for the project as well as gain access needed to SFTP, integrations with in-house software, and development environment required for the project. After the review meeting, a project timeline is developed in Teamwork utilizing the principals of AGILE development.

Phase II – Development

In the Development Phase, the team begins the coding process. The Dev Team works through the identified SPRINTS and meets daily to discuss progress and identify issues. In the event, additional questions arise the team schedules time with the Client to review questions and update the status of the project. Prior to delivery of each milestone, the Quality Assurance and Testing Team review the code, tests the features and ensures the output is what has been specified in the project plan.

Phase III – Delivery

In Phase III, Delivery, each completed module is delivered to the Client for review and approval. The Project Manager will review the deliverable and verify all objectives have been met. During this phase, there may be changes requested. Any changes will be documented sent back to the BelWo Dev Team to update the design, logic or reporting and sent back through the BelWo Quality Assurance and Testing Team. After thorough review and testing, the code is released.

Phase IV – Deployment

In the final Phase Deployment, the project programming has been completed, thoroughly tested and is ready for launch. Prior to launch, the Project Manager will work with the client to run a parallel test to ensure all required functionality is working as expected. As programs are initially deployed the BelWo’s Application Development Team is available to for any unforeseen changes or issues that may occur to ensure a stress- free launch. Finally, coding and documentation are provided to the Client for future reference. In many cases after deployment, the project is passed on to BelWo’s 24×7 Production Support Team. The team will monitor project activity and troubleshoot issues as they occur ensuring continuous productivity.