How to Create A Table of Contents Accessing Styles from Multiple WFDs

Table of content (Content picked from other WFD) We have 4 WFD’s Paragraph style (Textstyle, Paragraph style and border style created in this WFD) 2. Content1 (i.e. Some content and heading (Coverage schedule in the red highlighted area)) 3. Content2 (i.e. Some content and heading (Coverage feature)) 4. TOC (Merge WFD it will show the content of both WFD’s Content1, Content2 and TOC page) In Content WFD’s we have added some content and a flow having content ‘Coverage schedule’ and ‘Coverage features’ respectively that will print in TOC content. And gave a par...

Resetting Bullet Numbering with Paragraph Styles in 3 Easy Steps

Step One - Create a variable and select the type as numbers from the drop-down list. Step 2 - Insert bullet and numbering inflow and also insert numbering variable into that flow. Step 3 - Create a paragraph style and in advance tab use numbering variable in numbering variable tab and set numbering type as reset in numbering type tab and apply this paragraph style in that flow in which you want to reset the numbering. Output: After using this variable and paragraph style output is as follow:

3 Methods to Read HTML into Quadient Inspire

There are three methods to read the HTML code in WFD. Method 1 There is a tool called EmbeddedObjectArea through which we can read the HTML codes. We have to just copy and paste the codes in the content tab of EmbeddedObjectArea Tooland change the object type to HTML. Method 2The HTML codes can be read through changing the Colorant value to HTML for the codes pastedin layout. The change of Colorant is been highlighted in the following screen shot. Method 3 HTML can be also read by Template Merger, The HTML codes have to be pasted at flowing given positionwhich is mentioned...