Utilizing Dynamic Communications In Quadient Inspire

Dynamic Communications allow you to design statements and other documents with content that changes when interacted with. The resulting document can be not only printed out but also shared and viewed through various channels including web, mobile and tablet. Across these devices, it will react to interaction which can prompt differing displays of personal information. With the provided components you can create a communication that contains elements such as: Differently formatted pages, graphs, charts, tables or videos. These components can be further edited resulting in a personalized ...

Solving Inconsistent Data Issues

Recently our team came across an issue with CSV files. The order of the columns did not match and the columns were fixed. We had a problem with accessing the variables. This is how we solved it. To Fix this we have created a CSV that will have the order of columns that is required. Then we have added a Data Concatenator module. Firstly add the Data Input module having correct ordered input CSV file and then connect the input CSV having columns with different order. When we proof it, it will show the order of Data Order File which was added in 1st connector ...

How to Compare Workflows in Quadient (GMC) Inspire

This feature is helpful when you need to check what changes have been made in new workflow. Step 1: Open two required workflow to compare. Step 2: Go to Workflow option in menu bar. Step 3: Select Compare workflow. Step 4: Comparison Detail will be displayed. Step 5: Double click on respective description: Modified Modules: Some variables in modules is modified. Eg: DataTransformer1 (b). Missing Modules: Some modules are missing. Eg: DataTransformer4  

Aligning Decimal Values Using Quadient Inspire

One of the challenges in working with numbers is to make the values align. The following example demonstrates how to align amount values utilizing conditional rows. In the input xml file we have two values of amount e.g :- ($16.00) and $16.00 To align decimal values, we will make conditional row sets by selecting the type “Inline condition” in where we have to apply the condition and then will use paragraph styles. In screen shot below are steps for Conditional rows and inline condition. Use Paragraph style on the conditional rowset. Finally pres the "TAB" button...

How to Use Border Style Using Variable Format

Inspire Designer Workflow Parameter Input Module In this module create a new field and add the name border style. For this example "Border" is shown below. Note: Here I have passed “Border1”. In layout module there should be a Border Style with name “Border1” Data Transformer Module In this module create a Link field and use the Field Converter “String Manipulation” with the “Advanced Concatenation” to add the “BelWo Inc.!!”. Layout Module In layout module, create a Border Style with name “Border1”. Then create a flow area on the page. Change the Type of the ...