Test Data Defined

What is Test Data? It is the data which is made by software tester to create and fulfill all the scenarios according to the requirements of the client.

In each project we produce their are varying data requirements and business rules. Test data is created to verify the multiple business scenarios and find errors in placement and possibly calculation. In utilizing test data the quality assurance team can verify each requirement is complete and all quality standards have been met.

One example of when test data proves its value is in the testing of tax forms and invoice statements. In many of these programs complex tax calculations are being performed, data needs to be verified and totals reported. The Quality Assurance team is responsible for building the scenarios and testing each out randomly utilizing PDFs to verify form position and address placement are correct.

Two Types of Test Data
There are two types of data sets created to complete testing, positive test data and negative test data.   Positive test data is used  to check the expected result and  negative test data which is used to check the unexpected exceptions and uncommon issues.

Example of Positive and Negative Test Data
Testing Address Position for  Window Envelope
The data layout is as follows:
  • First Line – It should be Name
  • Second Line – It should be Address line 1
  • Third Line – it should be Address line 2
  • Forth line – It should be City State and Zip
*Note The limit of each line is 30 Characters

The positive test data in this case will have 30 characters in each line of the address window. The negative test data will test what happens when the characters exceed the 30 character limit. Through the negative data overlapping images, text issues or bar code errors can be identified.  The results of the negative testing scenarios provide a framework to devise programming to handle exceptions. These negative cases also provide a platform to provide training and suggestions in the data programming to identify anomalies.


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