Thinking About a Cloud Strategy? Now is the Time.

The cloud is a powerful computing source that is giving freedom for people to work from anywhere at any time. It is also giving companies the most flexibility to grow their business without increasing staffing to manage hardware. We now see software vendors offering the option to utilize complete software functionality in the cloud. While these advancements are exciting, the following question continues to be raised: How secure are we with our data and our software in the cloud? To that question, it is also good to consider this one: Is your client data 100% secure in your local environment? Furthermore, how much investment have you made in hardware that after two years was obsolete? The cloud is more than just a place for file storage. The cloud removes many stumbling blocks and offers companies the opportunity to accomplish the following:

  • Faster deployment
  • Easier configuration
  • Flexibility in storage and growth
  • Simplified upgrades
  • Easier management

The cloud makes it possible for you to develop, design, and deploy applications without the hassle of maintaining on-premise physical servers or being held up by weather issues, natural disasters, and overall loss of power. Major software vendors, such as Microsoft, have embraced the cloud with Office 365 and have alleviated hours of installations for IT professionals, leaving them the time to focus on the technology of the business.

With Microsoft’s successful foray into the cloud, many other software companies have followed suit. Within the communications industry Quadient, OpenText, and Smart Communications, to name a few, have created a new paradigm for customer communications management (CCM) software. Each of these super tools now offers the ability to work within a cloud environment. With this approach, even smaller communications companies can reap the benefits of powerful communications software without the investment in major infostructure and can enjoy the advanced communication tools needed today to grow their business.

CCM tools that function in the cloud offer modularity and the ability to continue to add to offerings such as automation modules, SMS communications, email, and of course, toner on paper. If we have learned one thing, the customer communications world does not stand still; and since the cloud is proving to be a catalyst for growth and re-imagination, it may be time to look up and forward.

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