Version Control Is Important, and Fun…

Document version control can be interesting. Ongoing official versions of the US Constitution exist for example, as do the drafts leading up to its initial adoption. The Constitution, like most documents we deal with each day, is a living communication used to make something official in a legally binding sense. “Legally binding sense?” – well that part isn’t so much fun, but it is important.

Statements, policies and even marketing materials must not only be accurate; they must be traceable over time. And unlike the Constitution, modern communications add complexity by presenting different messages to different audiences, meaning both the content and its underlying logic must be version controlled. BelWo, as a preferred partner with Quadient, ensures document traceability for our clients through the Quadient Inspire platform.

It all begins and ends with best practices. The BelWo team uses Quadient Inspire to record the who, what and when of a document’s life. That means knowing what changed, when it changed, and who changed it in terms of document content and the logic behind it. But knowing this alone doesn’t tell the whole story, because it doesn’t prove what version a recipient actually received. It is important to build approval processes which determine what version of a document is to be in production, and during what time period. Next, reports are generated which record when development versions were migrated to production, followed by archiving a copy of the actual produced documents. These processes provide a closed loop to ensure version control over document development as well as document production.

If you are curious to compare drafts of the US Constitution, they can be explored here:

And if you are curious about what a solutions partner with deep experience in customer communication management can do to improve and streamline your workflow processes, contact us. We offer managed service capabilities with a partnership attitude led by quality-assured and risk-managed full-service teams who maintain and operate the solution on your behalf to ensure your solution investments are reinforced with secure, stable, reliable performance.


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