WSM: Adding Promotional Content in Unused Space Without Adding Extra Cost

While marrying your transactional and promotional communications is not a new concept, the methods you can use to do so have evolved. What used to be termed “Transpromo” several years ago has now morphed into what we call white space management (WSM), and your CCM platform has the capability to set up your customer communications to dynamically insert messages, graphics and more in the available free white space on the document. This provides the opportunity to put personalized messages into statements, bills, and other on-going business documents. Recipients assume the communication is intended for them specifically, containing information they have requested, or that is personally relevant and fosters an attentive audience for including announcements about new or expanded services and other types of educational/promotional information right into the document.

CCM platforms make utilizing a white space management strategy both accessible and affordable. Databases contain the customer information necessary to develop personalized educational/promotional campaigns based on individual needs and interests. Using an object-oriented database, you can select messages based on age or geographical location and include in the monthly statement relevant information and offers that speak directly to the recipient. This strategy isn’t limited only to promotional materials; it can also help you present and explain complicated processes like benefits or claims procedures to policyholders. Financial institutions and other government-regulated industries are using WSM to include the required compliance information quickly and accurately.

An excellent example of a place to use whitespace management effectively is an insurance statement. You can use the whitespace to highlight information on new products and services, specific policy options available to the recipient, tips on things like safe driving, and even how to make complicated invoices and statements easier to understand.

In programming white space management from your CCM system into your communications you simply follow specific protocols that will allow you to include as many messages as possible to be inserted on a limited number of pages. For example, you can set up rules to add graphics you want to use for WSM in Images, Insert Message from Messages from the layout tree and create a flow area using Message Area Tool on the page where you want to implement WSM.

At BelWo we are experts at finding ways to leverage your CCM investment to drive efficiency with automation that improves customer retention and engagement. Marrying your transactional and promotional communications provides one more opportunity to create highly personalized customer communications that get the most mileage they can.