BelWo specializes in Customer Communication Management. We are one of the few companies in the market that has deep expertise in all facets of content creation, delivery and automation. BelWo’s team is comprised of industry experts in communications, programming, delivery, and operations from the print, mail and advertising industry. Our client base ranges from independently owned businesses to fortune 500 companies. With team members in the United States, Canada, Thailand, and India we provide services around the clock and around the globe. BelWo’s clients rely on us to solve difficult programming issues, streamline workflows and provide staffing resources to rapidly scale up operations.


CCM with Quadient(GMC) Inspire
CCM with Quadient(GMC) Inspire ...
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.Net Applications Development ...
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24×7 Production Support ...
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Optimizing Overlays with Quadient Inspire
Static objects (i.e. those that do not use any variables) are placed into overlays in order to simplify the spooled description of the design and increase processing speed. Overlays are created as the objects are processed in their Z-order. The static objects are merged into an overlay, one by one in that Z-order. However, if […]
11,Apr 2018
Text and Image Wrapping in Quadient Inspire WFD
For Text or Image wrapping following test wfd is designed: In layout create a flow area and write some text in it. In layout create a flow area and write some text in it. On the right side a window will appear by selecting the shape area. Click on Runaround tab and select the type […]
09,Apr 2018
3 Methods to Read HTML into Quadient Inspire
There are three methods to read the HTML code in WFD. Method 1 There is a tool called EmbeddedObjectArea through which we can read the HTML codes. We have to just copy and paste the codes in the content tab of EmbeddedObjectArea Tooland change the object type to HTML. Method 2The HTML codes can be read through changing the Colorant value to HTML for the codes pastedin layout. The change of Colorant is been highlighted in the following screen shot. Method 3 HTML can be also read by Template Merger, The HTML codes have to be pasted at flowing given positionwhich is mentioned in the screen shot.
04,Apr 2018


John Cloutier, DMM
"BelWo has been a terrific partner for our company. We have utilized their GMC Inspire and project management team for highly complex special projects and they are professional, knowledgeable, and accessible with a high level of accuracy when it comes to performance."

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