Automated Proof Approval Through Online Portal

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In today’s fast-paced world getting a quick proof approval can make the difference between a statement going out on time or late. In the world of statement printing being on time is essential as a late delivery can have financial repercussions. Many statements need to go through an approval process before being released into production. BelWo’s challenge was to develop an automated process for data processing and then create a portal that automatically posted the proof to a secure web portal for client approval.

Upon posting the proof the client is notified via email that the proof is waiting for approval. The system also requires a triggered email if approval has not been received within a custom time limit. In addition, the portal requires multiple proof approval statuses: Approved, Not Approved, Approved with Changes, and the ability to comment on what changes are necessary. When the approval is received, an email is triggered to the data processing team and released into production. If the job is not approved a message is sent to the data processing team with the required changes. Additionally, the system has to track changes and approvals in a database for future reference.

To build the system our .Net Development team has scoped out all the requirements and has worked closely with our customer base to discover any additional features or requirements. Realizing the need for secure online proofing, we have worked through the different scenarios in which the system could be used. After weeks of testing and building, we release the first version for client review. With the system, our clients can increase the speed of approvals, reduce errors, and save valuable customer service time with automated email triggers. Through automated approval, jobs are released in production at a much faster rate. BelWo has also incorporated the Online Proofing Module into our Data Processing Automation tool with great success.

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