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A Comprehensive Guide to Upgrading OpenText™ Exstream™

Every organization is looking for ways to keep customers engaged by providing an engaging customer experience (CX). A positive CX is one of the best ways for a company to earn an edge over its competitors. OpenText™ Exstream™ is a secure, cost-effective, efficient, and reliable CCM platform that equips businesses with a single solution for all their customer communications needs. The most recent versions of OpenText™ Exstream™ grant businesses the ability to create hyper-personalized and omnichannel communications for their customers. The upgraded platform even makes it possible to meticulously compose large volumes of output while ensuring consistency.

Read our white paper to find out how and know more about

  • Important considerations before upgrading to OpenText™ Exstream™
  • Key advantages of OpenText™ Exstream™
  • How you can upgrade to OpenText™ Exstream™

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