Quality Assurance and Testing

BelWo’s Quality Assurance and Testing Team reviews and tests all projects being created by the CCM Team as well as the Applications Development Team. Additionally, BelWo’s QA Team reviews and tests applications built by our clients. Many communications we design, as well as our clients, are governed by Federal Regulations. With onboarding times becoming shorter and shorter testing often gets cut short or not done at all. Through engaging BelWo’s Quality Assurance Team Clients can have peace of mind that their programs have been thoroughly tested. The Quality Assurance Team employs various manual testing methods to find any issues within the code or program.
Quality Assurance and Testing Features :
  • Create a Test Plan from Communications Technical Specs
  • Create Test Plan By Analysis of Existing Code
  • Employ Interactive Execution of Test Plan with Detailed Results
  • Create Sample Data File – Including All Test Cases
  • Automated Scripts to Accelerate Testing When Applicable
  • Flagging Omissions or Breaks in Code
  • Document Breaks & Errors
  • Submit Quality Report


Review program specifications and functionality. Determine possible outputs.

Create Test

Create test cases utilizing positive and negative data.


Verify outputs utilizing positive and negative data.


Review Results with the Project Manager
Three Types of Testing :
  • Manual Testing is used when there is not enough time to automate or the project is a one-off or low priority. Manually reviewing output, web page / CCM out are expected values in expected fields.
  • The Automated Testing system built up as part of the composition. For example: when a WFD is changed the auto testing system will read the PDF and compare the values to ensure the core programming has not been changed. After the testing is performed the code is either ready for deployment or detail of bugs.
  • Web Automated Testing system can comprise of a simple login and password test to verify user login security. Web Testing includes verifying the account exist and what contents can be accessed.