OpenText™ and CXM

OpenText™ has pioneered the creation of enterprise-centric CXM software. Its all-encompassing ecosystem of CXM technologies draws on the power of data analytics and AI to offer solutions for tackling complex digital transformation programs with confidence, allowing enterprises of all sizes to cater to every customer’s unique needs more efficiently. OpenText’s products enable seamless collaboration to organize, integrate, and protect data and content as it flows through business processes inside and outside an organization.

The focus of OpenText™ Experience Platform CXM is to deliver end-to-end CXM capabilities, taking things a step beyond CCM.


BelWo’s Offerings

Our expertise can help you create strategies that future-proof your CXM using the best OpenText™ software and tools designed to drive your business success. Our expertise in OpenText™ Experience Platform, OpenText™ Exstream™, and OpenText™ Core Experience Insights can help future-proof your CX.
We are experts in helping enterprises migrate – which may include any CCM platform like DOC1, an older version of Exstream™ (from v4x to 16x), an upgrade from OpenText™ xPression™ to OpenText™ Exstream™ Cloud Native Edition, or initiating a comprehensive CXM strategy from the ground up using OpenText's software technologies
We help capture and deliver critical inbound business information using OpenText™ LiquidOffice™, OpenText™ Explore, and OpenText™ TeleForm™. For outbound communications, composition tools like OpenText™ Exstream™ infuse cost and time efficiency into business operations. Our expertise can help create standards that will drive your customer communications through omnichannel efforts.
The right content is the key to unlocking a successful customer experience. We have a thorough understanding of the role that content management can play to achieve a successful CX. With BelWo’s help, you can efficiently manage your content and use omnichannel delivery to relay it to your customers using OpenText™ TeamSite™ and OpenText™ Media Management.
Simplifying document processing and employee workflow by harnessing the power of automation can bring much-needed efficiency into your CXM. BelWo’s extensive experience in OpenText™ Optimost™ and OpenText™ Hightail™ can bring accuracy, productivity and seamless collaboration to your CXM initiatives.
Using data-driven analytics to create more engaging and impactful customer experiences can give businesses an edge over competitors. BelWo helps enterprises implement OpenText™ Experience Analytics with embedded analytics and predictive analytics to enhance their CXM initiatives.

Our experience spans across industries.

Financial Services
Travel & Transportation


Mastering Content Creation with OpenText™Exstream™ Content Author

Read our blog to learn how OpenText™ Exstream™ Content Author can help your organization develop, manage, and personalize content across various platforms - on-premises or in the cloud.

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Why BelWo?

With 20+ years of experience in CCM, we have a keen understanding of the communications requirements of enterprises today. We are the right partner to help you build and implement solutions using OpenText’s CXM suite – putting you on the path to delivering an engaging customer experience, consistently. Wherever you might be in your CXM journey, we can equip you with the right tools to deliver robust communications. Here’s why we’re the right choice for you


We understand the CCM to CXM roadmap, helping you create a strategy to enhance your customer experience at every touchpoint of the customer journey.


We are experienced in OpenText implementation and are adept at developing ideas to MVPs to address time-sensitive business requirements.


Our integration capabilities help businesses optimize workflows and bring efficiency into their customer communications, facilitating an omnichannel experience for customers.


We can build unique solutions for your enterprise using your existing CCM stack or our cloud-native technologies that future-proof your CX.


We can help you implement OpenText™ Exstream™, multichannel communications, or an entire CXM ecosystem, lending our expertise at every step of the way.

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