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Ensuring an ROI on Your CCM Investment

Gautam Jit Kanwar


Recently, an article I wrote, “How to Leverage Tech in Customer Communications,” was published in Insurance Thought Leadership. It talks about the challenges inherent in communicating with customers who may carry various products, such as life insurance, health, disability, etc. with a single insurance company. 

It is a fact that when it comes to producing varied documents, many issues arise, such as how to coordinate multiple, separate applications, systems, and processes to produce communications that are consistent and show they understand the relationship the recipient has with the enterprise.


All this involves complex work at diverse levels. Communication management is a significant help in this pursuit. But understanding whether your customer communications management (CCM) technology can take information from disparate systems and work from a single, coordinated platform to create customer-centric, relevant content is critical. 


Going further, having software that allows for easy integration with existing systems, data, and content sources is also critical. So, are you taking full advantage of what your CCM system can do for you? It is here that BelWo can help you out. We can optimize the appropriate use of your customer communication system to provide the foundation for strengthening relationships with your customers across all contact points.


Our Offer to Quadient Users

If you are a Quadient user, having the ability to operate and manage the investment you have made in Quadient Inspire is important to your business. Quadient is a powerful CCM tool that brings everything together into a cohesive workflow. However, you still must invest time to figure out the best way to build your communications in Quadient and leverage its rich feature set. BelWo has a customer communication team that manages the latest Quadient Inspire tools. Our business focuses on helping your IT team develop workflow processes that will produce consistent content across multiple communications platforms: print, e-mail, mobile and social media. This way your CCM investment will turn out to be a prudent decision. 


How CCM Improves Your Customer Relationship

The proper use of your customer communications for managing workflow can provide the foundation for strengthening relationships with your customers across all contact points. With the ability to access a complete view of the customer, you can use mission-critical documents like statements, bills, enrollment kits, etc. You can create correspondence to cross-sell and up-sell products and services, and lines of business (LOBs) can reinforce the brand identity and representation of the organization.


Take Away Points

Communication management technologies can be complex. Reaping the rewards and earning ROI on your investment in CCM requires the ability to handle customer communications effectively. All you need is share your requirements with us. We will do the document composition and programming that will support customer retention.