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Factors to Evaluate When Selecting Quadient Impress for Your Business

Nitin Tyagi

Associate Quadient Head

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often grapple with the challenge of managing customer communications efficiently. This is where Quadient Impress, a cloud-based outbound document automation platform, steps in to simplify and streamline the process.

Quadient Impress fulfils the need for a cloud-based document automation and customer communications management (CCM) solution that is easy to use and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Impress allows businesses to automate and streamline their customer communications processes, which can save them time and money, improve efficiency, and reduce errors. It can also help businesses improve the customer experience by delivering personalized and targeted communications.

Here are three examples of how businesses can use Quadient Impress to fulfil their specific needs:

  • Financial services: Impress can be used to automate the creation and delivery of statements and invoices, saving the company time and money and improving the accuracy of their customer communications.
  • E-commerce: Impress has the ability to personalize marketing emails and promotional materials. This can help businesses improve their conversion rates and build stronger relationships with their customers.
  • Healthcare: Impress can automate the creation and delivery of appointment reminders, lab results, and other important documents to patients. This can help providers improve the efficiency of their operations and provide a better patient experience overall.

Before you decide if Quadient Impress is the right fit for your business, let's explore the features of this versatile suite.

Quadient Impress offers a suite of applications that can work independently or together, providing a comprehensive solution for your communication needs. These applications include:

  • Impress Automate: This application streamlines the creation, distribution, and output of essential customer communications, such as invoices and statements. Impress Automate allows for the incorporation of personalized messaging and ensures the correct document is sent to the right recipient.
  • Impress Portal: With Impress Portal, users can send customer communications through secure document portals. Customers can conveniently access vital documents, resulting in faster delivery and response times while reducing paper-based communication costs.
  • Impress Dispatch: Impress Dispatch enables business users to create on-demand communications directly from their systems. These communications can be routed to either a centralized mail production center or a dedicated customer portal, ensuring uniformity and adherence to regulations.
  • Outsourced Hybrid Mail: This application streamlines the management of outgoing mail by allowing employees to easily create and send mail directly from their systems with just a few clicks. The actual process of physically mailing the documents is outsourced, liberating valuable time and resources.

Selecting the right document production and output management solution for your business involves a careful evaluation of both business and technical considerations. Quadient Impress offers powerful capabilities in this realm. However, making an informed decision requires a comprehensive understanding of your unique business requirements and the technical aspects of implementation.

Key Considerations When Choosing Quadient Impress

  • Nature of communications: Consider the type of communication your business needs to send. If your requirements involve complex and highly personalized documents with intricate design and interactivity, Quadient Impress may not be the ideal solution. However, if your focus is on simple and transactional communications that require speed and accuracy, Quadient Impress could be the perfect fit. To simplify document creation, Impress offers a library of pre-designed templates for various document types.
  • Number of communication channels: Evaluate how many channels you need to use to reach your customers. If you require multiple communication channels, such as print, email, web, mobile, or social media, Quadient Flex may be more suitable because of its ability to create consistent experiences across various channels. However, if your communication strategy involves one or two channels, such as print mail and/or email, Quadient Impress can efficiently and securely deliver them.
  • Level of control: Determine the level of control you need over your communications. If you prefer full control from design to delivery, Quadient Flex provides the flexibility and functionality to meet your requirements. However, if you seek a simple and automated solution that handles everything for you, Quadient Impress can save you time and simplify the process.
  • Budget: When considering Quadient Impress from a business perspective, your budget plays a pivotal role. One notable advantage of Quadient Impress is that it operates on a cloud-based model, which means you won't encounter the substantial upfront costs commonly associated with traditional software deployments. Instead, you'll be dealing with a monthly subscription fee. The precise cost of this subscription can vary depending on factors such as the number of users and the specific features your business requires. Therefore, it's essential to evaluate your budget carefully and determine how Quadient Impress aligns with your financial resources. This subscription-based approach can be particularly appealing to businesses seeking cost predictability and flexibility in managing their expenses.
  • Business size: Another vital consideration is the size of your business. Quadient Impress is purposefully designed to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with features and capabilities tailored to suit the requirements and operational scale of businesses in this category. If your organization falls within the SME bracket, Quadient Impress can be a highly suitable choice, offering the right blend of functionality and scalability. However, if you operate a large enterprise with more extensive communication demands and complexities, you might find that a more robust and feature-rich Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution, like Quadient Flex, better aligns with your business requirements.

Key Technical Considerations When Choosing Quadient Impress

  • Quick deployment: Quadient Impress offers a rapid deployment process, with many solutions becoming fully operational within a day, sometimes even on the same day. This swift implementation is achievable because Impress often starts with precomposed communications that need automation or digitalization. Impress can efficiently modify existing communications, incorporating personalized messages or automation, and then send them through relevant channels. This can significantly alleviate time and resource constraints, which is particularly beneficial for SMBs.
  • System requirements: Before opting for Quadient Impress, it's crucial to consider the system requirements from a technical standpoint. Quadient Impress operates optimally when your computer or server meets specific criteria, such as a compatible operating system and sufficient processor speed, memory capacity, and available storage space. Ensuring that your existing infrastructure aligns with these prerequisites is fundamental to the seamless implementation and performance of Quadient Impress. Conduct a thorough assessment of your current hardware and software setup to confirm compatibility.
  • Integration capabilities: Quadient Impress boasts integration capabilities with a range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. However, it's important to be aware that not all of your existing systems may seamlessly integrate with Quadient Impress. Prior to implementation, evaluate your organization's IT landscape to identify any potential integration challenges. Assess the critical systems that must integrate with Quadient Impress for a streamlined workflow and ensure that such integrations are feasible within your technical ecosystem.
  • Security: The security of your customer data is paramount, and Quadient Impress acknowledges this by offering an array of security features. Nevertheless, it is essential to evaluate your organization's specific security requirements. Conduct a comprehensive security assessment to determine if Quadient Impress aligns with your data protection and compliance needs. Assess whether the security measures provided by the software are in harmony with your organization's standards and policies.
  • Support: Quadient offers diverse support options, including via phone, email, and chat. However, it is essential to ascertain whether these support channels are sufficient for your technical support needs. Consider factors like response times, the availability of support during critical hours, and the expertise of support personnel. Adequate support ensures that you can promptly address any technical issues that may arise during implementation and ongoing usage, minimizing disruptions to your operations.

Choosing the right document automation solution is a critical decision for SMBs looking to enhance their customer communication processes. Quadient Impress offers a versatile suite of applications that can meet a wide range of communication needs. By carefully considering the nature of your communications, the number of channels you use, your desired level of control, and other relevant factors, you can determine if Quadient Impress is the right fit for your business. With its quick deployment, template-based approach, automation capabilities, and integration options, Quadient Impress has the potential to streamline your customer communication workflow and improve the overall customer experience.

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