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Five Ways a Managed Service Provider Brings Value to Your CCM Team  

Gautam Jit Kanwar


According to a report by Insight Partners, "The Customer Communications Management (CCM) market size" will surge to $2.75Bn in 2028 from $ 1.32Bn in 2021. So, the future of customer communications will depend largely on how effectively you manage those communications.

Many organizations already have an effective CCM strategy and often have full-time staff dedicated to exploring all the capabilities CCM systems offer. However, most CCM systems are not completely self-managing, so reaping the rewards and earning ROI requires knowledgeable and experienced personnel to operate them effectively.

For many small-to-medium-sized organizations, this presents an ongoing challenge on several levels. For example, finding the right people to fill such specialized positions today is more than a challenge. It is a reality we face when seeking candidates as we are nearing a post-pandemic environment.

Core Capability of Modern CCM Solutions

The contemporary customer management system enables you to produce and distribute communications across a wide range of media. It extends much further than simply the ability to communicate with clients regularly and respond appropriately. The good news is that CCM solutions are evolving with labor shortages becoming a reality. This brings us to Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and how they are specializing in implementing customer communication in a variety of industries and environments.

5 Ways CCM Hosted Managed Services Provider Helps You

CCM-managed services have evolved alongside the innumerable challenges faced to improve customer communication for organizations. The primary ways that it is helping you as a business entity are –

1. Maintain your system per service level agreements.

A CCM MSP is the expert to bring in as part of our team to help develop, deploy, maintain, and support the operation of your CCM platform to ensure you are optimizing your investment and harvesting the benefits. In general terms, your organization will typically have an existing customer communications management platform, and the MSP will put their expertise to work and manage it for you. CCM MSPs offer services per the agreements, so you do not have to worry about achieving the desired goals with the communications management system.

2.  Onboard new customers and content

In industries like utilities, insurance, financial services, etc. transactional communication is done at a mammoth level. The lack of in-depth knowledge when it comes to customer communications technology can hamper the growth of an organization. Managed Services Providers can streamline the entire consumer correspondence cycle and initiate data aggregation.

3.  Ensure easy changes in document templates

Document composition is a major part of managed services. It allows subject matter experts to make required changes in the templates. It is possible only because  all the rules of the business, compiled data, and content are stored separately. Further, an archive copy is created with the help of document composition or a programming process for communications.

4. Handle any new development, upgrades, or changes to your CCM software

If modifications are required, a managed services provider can help you. CCM MSPs also fulfill your legal and regulatory compliance and internal approval requirements. They ensure you remain free from the risk of a data breach as your customers’ information remains sacred.

5. Bring specific expertise to your organization

Your business has an existing IT department that understands how to effectively develop, integrate, and deploy CCM in your environment, but they may not have the time to learn these additional skills to take full advantage of your software’s capabilities in a timely way. An MSP brings target-oriented expertise to your organization to get the most out of your CCM investment. An MSP will work on the communications management system installed in your building, security system, and other security arrangements.

No customer archives or other company records will need to be moved from your servers, and communication templates. The related data will remain on your premises. Engaging managed services providers with a background in your industry can deliver a complete return on your customer communications investment by helping you deploy its capabilities to bring in new customers, and maintain positive and cooperative relationships with your existing customers. CCM systems effectively managed solidify customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

Final Big Question

Before jumping to a conclusion, it is crucial to answering a pertinent question: Is your CCM-managed services provider offering you the result equivalent to your investment? If the answer is no, then you need to seek a change.

BelWo offers managed services capabilities with a partnership attitude led by quality-assured and risk-managed full-service teams that maintain and operate the solution on your behalf to ensure your solution investments are safeguarded with secure, stable, and reliable performance. Contact us today to learn more!