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Text and Image Wrapping in Quadient Inspire WFD

Saheli Bhattacharya

Lead Marcom

To achieve desired goals, organizations need a diverse and talented workforce and to improve their capabilities, you need to look for workforce development programs. These programs, when tied to your business strategy, can be instrumental in bringing positive outcomes. In a way, it can bridge the gap between you and your customers. For this, you also require a holistic framework that can cross the boundaries of limitations. Quadient Inspire workforce development is a significant help in all this. It allows your workforce to meet business demands in the best way possible.  

How does Quadient Inspire work?

Quadient Inspire allows the subject matter experts in your organization to create varied types of personalized messages for target customers. These are designed while keeping in mind the requirements of the customers and how to offer a better customer experience. Such customer communications can be disseminated across a variety of channels, including digital and print via a centralized hub.  

In a way, it allows you to create a workforce development center that can achieve the desired goals. To understand more about how Quadient Inspire works, it is helpful to show an example of text or image wrapping workforce development testing.

Text or Image wrapping following WFD testing is designed in the following way: 

In layout, create a flow area and write some text in it.

In layout, create a flow area and write some text in it.

On the right side, a window will appear by selecting the shape area. Click on the run-around tab and select the type in it.

Note: There are other options in type as well. You can select any option as per your requirement.

Now, select the flow area and then select the content tab on the right side of the window. Select runaround shapes only.

(Highlighted in red below)

The text will be broken and will appear after the shape (highlighted red below)

Final Thoughts

Quadient Inspire workforce development is effective and can help your business a great deal. Still, it is no talisman and requires proper handling that we at BelWo can offer you. Contact the BelWo team and we will guide you in your Quadient Inspire journey for a more successful future in customer correspondence.