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In order to communicate effectively with their clients, insurers need to produce a wide range of communications. It includes statements from the annual and portfolio years, bills, notices, forms, proposals, endorsements, and renewals. Legacy systems, different business applications, and disjointed document generation systems, however, provide obstacles to the implementation of these connections and cause discrepancies in the procedure.

Our consultative approach, backed by deep knowledge of various sub-domains of insurance, has helped various insurance enterprises identify the right CCM platform that could align the to their business processes and growth objectives.

A one-stop solution for all your needs

Belwo offers a suite of CCM services that will help you manage your content. Our holistic CCM offerings help you not just deliver exceptional communications, but also ensure full interoperability with core systems.
Our industry-centric technology solutions help P&C carriers create better brand recognition, adjust to change more quickly, and provide devoted customers with a superior experience. Our expert services contribute to the success of your programs, add value to your initiatives, reduce expenses, and give your teams access to specialist resources so they can concentrate on what matters most to them: accelerating business growth.
We help healthcare payers implement the best CCM solutions that facilitates a quicker digital transition in order to fulfill the growing expectations for better care and quality at reduced costs. Our industry-savvy, CCM services are designed to keep you in the lead while being interoperable and compliant.
We're passionate about helping life insurance companies like yours comprehend the possibilities and put the best technological solutions in place. We have a track record of exceeding expectations and assisting insurers in thriving in the market of today and tomorrow, from tailored communication management to exceptional customer experience. We operate in a knowledge-based economy, and BelWo adds value to the activities of insurance firms by deploying teams of seasoned experts that have in-depth understanding of the insurance sector and have familiarity with the CCM technology those insurers utilise.

Why Choose BelWo?

We help solve all our CCM problems and help optimise your existing systems to maximise output while minimizing the time take to onboard. Below are some of the reasons why you need to partner with us.

Data transformation

Belwo's data transformation solutions are designed to help your company use its data to drive better decisions and improve profitability. We offer solutions for transforming data from legacy systems into formats that are compatible with modern analytical tools.

Merger & Acquisition

If you're looking to acquire another company or merge with one of your competitors, then we can help you reuse the code from one of your existing documents as a starting point for the new one - saving you time and money!

Templates & Content customization

We have industry-specific templates for property & casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, reinsurance, and more. These templates are designed to reduce the time it takes to create new documents or content. They also provide the flexibility of using them as is or customizing them to suit your company's needs.

Brand focused documentation

Insurance companies need documents that are designed to represent them as a brand, and we provide them with these documents in different languages. We also integrate our templates with DocuSign so they can sign the document electronically.