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Even as utilities continue to focus on their core business, many utilities understand that communicating with their customers is also critical to continued business success. Strategies using new ways of communicating, and the technology that supports them, are increasingly being adopted to provide better customer service that fosters loyalty. As the utility industry becomes more competitive and customer-focused, the products and services offered need the ability to connect all of a utility’s customer touch points, including monthly bills, business, and regulatory correspondence, marketing communications, and customer service. However, the challenge is often in the successful implementation of using the right software solutions that drive the speed to market necessary for communicating personally and consistently across all interactions with customers.

Our consultative approach, backed by deep knowledge of the customer challenges utilities face, has helped many utility enterprises identify the right CCM platform that will align with their business processes and growth objectives.

A one-stop solution for all your needs

Belwo offers a suite of CCM services that help manage those touchpoints in all sectors of utilities. Our holistic CCM offerings help you not only deliver exceptional communications but also ensure full interoperability with core systems.
Too often utilities employ “many-to-many” customer communications that are not right for critical business documents, and therefore require a solution that integrates information about customers’ usage with sophisticated campaign management, document creation, and omnichannel delivery. The solution to ensure all these requirements are successfully met involves taking the time to seek out support from an outside resource that has an infrastructure for rapidly building and deploying all types of variable document applications.
With all transactional documents, it is important to look for a solution that automates the process of differentiating communications based on different customer categories and provides the ability to manage how you communicate usage and other educational information on monthly bills and statements. It is important to have the capabilities that make it possible to prioritize which messages are included in a document to maximize the use of the valuable real estate.
This sector in utilities faces intensive competition. To be more effective in your waste and recycling communications, it is important to easily integrate with the data in your existing business systems, from legacy and CRM to the disparate information management systems in various LOBs, to streamline the process of creating personalized communications. At Belwo, we make it easy to develop and deploy new document applications that allow you to get to market on a timely basis with relevant information and targeted offers that resonate with buyers.

Why Choose BelWo?

We help solve all our CCM problems and help optimize your existing systems to maximize output while minimizing the time takes to onboard. Below are some of the reasons why you need to partner with us.

Focus on core business

With more than 20 years of experience, BelWo can design and run your CCM platform 24/7 using industry best practices and free internal IT to focus on high-priority items like grid balancing, net metering, and onboarding new generation.

Customer Experience

From reporting gas leaks to requesting of large trash pickup is no longer a 9 to 5 call center activity. Customers today expect control via self-service portals which BelWo can implement quickly with minimal impact on the current back office.

Omnichannel frameworks

We assist in the design of entire omnichannel frameworks, as well as smaller-scale document applications to support the implementation of CCM solutions.

Efficient Systems

Managing multiple legacy on-premise systems is a reality that most utilities have to live with today. BelWo’s expertise and global footprint can centralize and standardize CCM systems on a cloud infrastructure and migrate legacy applications in a tight timeline.

Regulatory Compliance of Documents

Regulated industries spend a great deal of time generating customer communications and getting them approved by business units, legal, compliance, and more. BelWo helps avoid this time-consuming activity with cloud-based CCM systems enabling all stakeholders to work simultaneously with minimal IT involvement.