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Maintaining existing legacy systems can be costlier than migrating to a new platform!

Customer requirements are changing as they embrace digital transformation. However, migrating a legacy CCM platform to a modern environment that offers better performance can be a complex and demanding journey.


High Maintenance Costs
Frequent Downtimes
Inability to offer omnichannel communications

What CCM Migration Services Do We Offer?

Successfully migrating to a single software platform necessitates a clear understanding of the current system or systems working together. We understand how all components need to be leveraged to achieve the new desired state and workflow and create a path to smooth omnichannel communications for your customers.

Legacy to Quadient

Meet the current customer communications requirements of your customers by migrating from a legacy platform like DOC1 to Quadient Inspire. Our migration of customer communications management solutions is swift and trouble-free, equipped with all the new features of Quadient Inspire that allow for fast customer onboarding, ensuring compliance and automating critical business processes.

Legacy to OpenText

The shift from a legacy platform to the OpenText CCM platform gives business users control over content and processes to create consistent and connected customer experiences through the design and delivery of ultra-personalized and compliant communications—delivered anytime, anywhere.

Cloud CCM Migration

Migrating to the cloud reduces the cost of IT and ensures you pay only for what you use. You are free to add and delete any software on the cloud and increase the memory as needed. The impressive scalability and lack of maintenance cost of a dedicated IT team make cloud CCM migration one of the best choices.

Automated Document Testing

We transform manual CCM migration testing into an automated process. We not only execute the minute comparison of a font family, but we help go beyond the tools to avoid CCM migration tools’ shortcomings. Our out-of-the-box automated document testing works as a CCM solution that offers you a robust report section, fast document migration (including bypassing standardized parts in the document), and managing a large volume at one time.

How Does It Work?

BelWo follows a CCM migration methodology to seamlessly migrate to advanced CCM platforms like Quadient, OpenText, and Solimar’s workflow solutions without hindering the production process.

Phase I

Landscape Analysis

We map legacy processes that allow us to get insight into how migration solutions will be integrated with downstream and upstream systems in the organization.

Phase II

Designing Migration Architecture

Phase III

Extracting Data

Phase IV

System Testing

Phase V


What Makes Our Migration Services Unique?

A change of CCM interface from Legacy to the latest CCM software with BelWo CCM migration can unveil the road to smooth omnichannel communication with your customers. We help you deliver engaging customer experiences across customer-preferred delivery channels.

Partnering with major CCM vendors

Enhanced productivity and capability

Omnichannel Enablement

Infrastructure cost reduction

Better backup and data recovery


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