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Why use a specialist when implementing your CCM platform?

A failed implementation can be a costly affair in terms of both time and money. Organizations shouldn’t spend millions on re-implementing software due to operational inefficiencies – a report from the Consortium for Information and Software Quality (CISQ) mentions the cost of such failed projects has gone up by almost 50%, which is huge considering the overall cost involved in purchasing licenses for this software.

Common challenges organizations face during implementation

Lack of Defined Business Goals

Lack of Defined Business Goals

Organizations often lack clear business goals, making it difficult to achieve success within a specific timeframe.

Lack of Best Practices

Lack of Best Practices

In order to complete a project successfully, you need to leverage your CCM platform in the best way possible.

Lack of Internal Expertise

Lack of Internal Expertise

The most comprehensive CCM systems can be expensive and require knowledgeable and experienced personnel to operate them effectively.

Architectural Flaws

Architectural Flaws

Inappropriate design choices in early stages or incorrect mapping can lead to coding bugs that analysis might have detected because of the added complexity.

What makes us the implementation experts

Design & Onboarding

Our analysis starts from day one to provide a CCM workflow that determines where improvements can be made. Following best implementation practices, we then dedicate the right resources to optimize data modeling and set up multichannel enablement to help enterprises send out material and information through varied channels to their customers. After extracting business logic from the client's previous system, appropriate architecture is built.

Change Management & Monitoring

Our expertise in programming and development makes it possible for us to update and maintain your existing applications, automate manual processing and, when required, provide production support to both occasional and rush projects. Our 24×7 monitoring ensures we meet deadlines and troubleshoot problems whenever needed.

Automation & Integration

All integrations are built via API (Application Programming Interface) with custom programs to handle file management and process integration of software through secure online proofing portals. We also offer an automation portal developed on .NET that follows a 3-tier approach. First, we understand the organization's requirements, then we map the document application, and then manage all the components in an automated way.

Document Testing

We never compromise on the quality of document composition, ensuring all the code and programs are free from technical error. Following a 4-step document testing and quality assurance process, we review the client's requirements, create test cases, verify the assumptions and review the results. From manual to automated to web-automated, we offer all methods of testing.

Omnichannel Enablement of Legacy Systems

With respect to the capabilities of your current CCM platform, BelWo creates a workaround to ensure we deliver the appropriate support to the existing legacy system. Deploying document reengineering, our CCM implementation team allows an organization to enjoy omnichannel communications within their current legacy system.

How Does BelWo Enable CCM Implementation?

We employ a custom CCM migration approach to migrate to CCM tools such as Quadient Inspire, OpenText Exstream, and Solimar without disrupting production.

Phase I


The process starts off with the discovery phase, here we initiate a cloud-based Project Team to manage all the aspects involved in the implementation process. Our team then reviews the project requirements and identifies possible .Net/PHP programming needed to complement the solution. After this, a meeting is scheduled to request access to the STFP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

Phase II

Design & Development

Phase III


Phase IV


What makes our implementation services unique?

A CCM interface upgrade from Legacy to the latest CCM software, together with our CCM migration, may pave the way for seamless omnichannel communication with your customers. We assist you in providing engaging customer experiences through consumer-preferred delivery methods.


We believe in providing complete clarity. A clear expectation as to the time and cost involved in the implementation of the project.

Constant Monitoring

Tracking the project is an important aspect. All development work is carried out over client management tools to see the exact status of the BelWo CCM Team.

Decreased Onboarding Time

Agile and efficient. Our CCM team implements best practices to ensure less time in onboarding and proper change management.

Depth of Expertise

We get it right the first time. Our CCM developers have expertise in a number of varied CCM implementations, so the chances of project failure are reduced.

Cost effective

No reworks guaranteed. With the accuracy of our implementation services, you can avoid the cost of reworking and ensure the project is completed within your budget.

Timely Delivery

On-time. Every time. All implementation work is carried out by our expert staff so that we meet every deadline.


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