VP - Technology

Deepak Goyal

A leader and a motivator, Deepak Goyal is the VP of Technology at BelWo Inc. He has more than 14 years of experience in the CCM (Customer Communications Management) domain.

Deepak started his career at BelWo as a software developer in 2008. He has a master's degree in Computer Applications from Panjab Technical University and is always interested in learning new software and platforms. His dedication and passion for his work allowed him to rise through the ranks. As of now, he has delivered more than thousands of CCM projects successfully.

He is proficient in different CCM tools, such as GMC Inspire Designer, GMC Inspire Automation, GMC ICM, Solimar Tools, etc. Outside work, he is passionate about playing badminton and cricket. He also participates in fundraising activities for charitable institutions.