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BelWo Highlights Its Expertise In CCM And CXM Modernization At DSF‘22

March 22, 2022

At DSF’22, under the banner “Rethink CCM, Reimagine CX,” BelWo, Inc., a global managed services provider specializing in customer communications management (CCM), will be demonstrating how it is helping companies rethink the way they have traditionally looked at their customer experience (CX) strategy to ensure that every communication produced and delivered has a direct impact on business goals. The event, a peer-driven, peer-reviewed and peer-produced educational event for document professionals, takes place April 4-6 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Chicago in Rosemont, Illinois.

In Booth #107, BelWo will highlight how its leading customer communications management (CCM) and implementation services are helping enterprises in a variety of high-volume communication industries, including insurance, healthcare and financial services, to increase their ROI on license investments and engage customers by modernizing their CCM processes. BelWo’s cost-effective approach to supporting the improvement of mission-critical customer communications processes with holistic and transformational customer experience management (CXM) services, results in a company’s ability to deliver hyper-personalized communications that enhance the customer experience while reducing costs.

In addition, the BelWo team will be on hand to share how its managed service capabilities, executed with a partnership attitude, are supporting companies experiencing today’s labor shortages. BelWo’s managed services offering is led by quality-assured and risk-managed full-service experts that can maintain and operate a part or all of the solution on a company’s behalf to ensure technology investments are reinforced with secure, stable, reliable performance.

On Tuesday, April 5 from 2:40 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. CDT, Gautam Kanwar, president and founder of BelWo, will present, “Mergers, Acquisitions & Leveraging CCM Integration.” This session will cover the challenges of integrating CCM processes after a change in company processes and will outline best practices for integrating systems through a case study on how a major property and casualty insurance company was able to consolidate under one unifying platform without interrupting service.

For more information about DSF ’22 or to register, click here.

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