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BelWo Presents “PSPs - What’s in Your CX Tool Kit?” at XPLOR22

September 8, 2022

BelWo Inc., a global managed services provider specializing in customer communications management (CCM), will be speaking at XPLOR22, an annual educational conference that focuses on strategies to transform the customer experience, bringing together end users, analysts, consultants, industry experts and vendors who share best practices and trends in the customer communications industry.

On September 13 at 4:00 p.m.ET, Hansen Longfellow, account management director at BelWo, will present the session PSPs - What’s in Your CX Tool Kit? This informative session covers the capabilities print service providers (PSPs) should have in their tool kit to ensure they can meet the demands of today’s customers looking for the holy grail: a positive customer experience (CX) for their customers.

“The drive for a better customer experience is quickly becoming an actual competitive differentiator for print service providers,” said Longfellow. “Clients look for outsourced providers that can offer multiple services from one source to deliver the cohesive omnichannel communications that are important to their customers’ experience. This requires having the capabilities to provide services beyond print, such as e-services, digital marketing and mobile payments.”

Over his 25-year career in the industry, Longfellow has served as operations head for various PSPs, where he was responsible for developing new business plans, devising operations strategy, automating workflows, introducing new technologies and supporting fully automated document factories.

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About BelWo

BelWo develops, deploys and manages customer communications management (CCM) solutions for enterprises and print service providers worldwide. Companies of all sizes turn to BelWo to support complex CCM initiatives that range from smaller-scale document applications to full-scale omnichannel digital experiences. As a solutions-focused partner with deep expertise in CCM, BelWo brings decades of experience in industries that include insurance, healthcare, financial and retail. For information, visit and connect with BelWo on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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