Delivering a hyper-personalized CX starts with four critical steps

3 min read

The challenge for every company today is how to leverage the valuable customer data collected throughout the organization to send consistent, personalized communications across a growing range of delivery channels. With the ability to deliver highly relevant communications based on customer interests, companies can provide real value to their customers, foster a better customer experience (CX), and increase loyalty and satisfaction—but this is not always as easy as it sounds. Customer communications have become more complex than in the past, as have the customers themselves, who demand to be treated as individuals.

When you begin to think of your CCM system as one that not only streamlines CCM processes but also leverages everything you know about the customer, the result is a more holistic CCM platform, which paves the way for producing hyper-personalized communications that deliver a whole new level of CX.

Here are four ways to jump-start that initiative:

  1. Begin with customer journey mapping: A customer journey map depicts the stages customers go through when engaging with your company. It provides a complete view of how communications start with marketing, move to onboarding, continue through servicing, then iterate through correspondence. CCM platforms come with tools to connect this customer journey and customize communications based on each customer’s specific phase. Often, CCM software provides a customer journey mapping (CJM) API for connecting existing journeys and third-party data to create dashboards. This enables customer experience teams to immediately incorporate customer feedback and make real-time changes to the customer’s journey.
  2. Harness the power of data: Using data effectively requires going beyond the collection of data you receive from customers through various methods, such as your website, mobile apps, social media, and marketing campaigns. Modern CCM platforms manage both live and digital interactions, making it possible to funnel the information from these communications into a centralized content knowledge base. Capturing these details in a centralized way fosters the ability to gain the insights needed to create hyper-personalized communications that show customers you know them.
  3. Master interactive communications: We watched the pandemic fast-track the digital transformation of nearly every business. Couple that with an entire generation of consumers who engage with the world digitally. To future-proof your business, it is important to focus on collaborating with customers to satisfy their need for personalized interactive communications solutions that give access to and control of their information presented in communications such as financial statements. For example, businesses can create HTML financial statements relevant to a particular customer and send them the link, so they can manipulate the data into the visual representations of charts or graphs that help them best understand their statement. This serves to improve customer engagement and conversion rates.
  4. Empower business teams: We are all aware that customers expect relevant, personalized, and timely communications when interacting with businesses. This can present CX challenges, such as frustrated customers when customer service representatives (CSRs) don't have access to the most current customer documents. Today, we have modern CCM platforms that enable an organization’s business teams (LOBs) to directly get involved in the communication process. There is a shift from total dependency on IT to empowering business users with the flexibility and autonomy needed to quickly determine which situations require immediate action and have the information available to act on them. Having the right CCM tools to support customers on demand is essential in today’s competitive market.

A modern CCM platform provides the infrastructure needed to create a centralized, holistic system that supports the ability to create hyper-personalized communications that resonate. This platform works across the customer journey to break down silos and increase visibility into all interactions between your business and your customers. As a result, customers receive a more consistent communication experience that is truly meaningful.

Are you fully leveraging your CCM system?