Exploring the Total Experience

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Those of us involved in the world of customer communications management (CCM) know the critical role communications play in delivering a positive customer experience (CX). We’ve talked a lot over recent years about CX and its value in delivering profits for both the customer and the organization. However, just as the CCM industry has evolved, so has the need to go a step beyond CX to provide a total experience (TX) that makes it possible for companies to engage customers in a deeper way.

TX is a concept that plays a critical role as organizations venture further into their digital transformation journeys because it integrates all the experience touchpoints to ensure a seamless engagement with their company. In fact, Gartner ranked total experience  as one of the 12 top strategic technology trends for 2022—noting that, by 2024, organizations providing a total experience will outperform competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics for both CX and EX, and by 2026, 60% of large enterprises will rely on TX to transform business models and to achieve “world-class” results. According to Gartner, more organizations across industry sectors are embracing total experience (TX) to provide a more integrated approach internally and externally.

What is Total Experience?

Total experience is a strategy that creates positive connected experiences within an organization by weaving together 4 disciplines: the multi-experience (MX), customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and user experience (UX). Most often, CX, EX and UX have been seen as separate entities and have typically been siloed by businesses. Total Experience changes that approach by engaging a holistic view that focuses on creating a positive experience, not just for customers but for anyone who is in any way involved with the business—which includes employees, users, and partners.

The image below shows each entity that participates in creating the TX and how they are traditionally viewed:

Kickstarting TX

While a Total Experience strategy changes the paradigm by integrating these four elements, to do so requires the right technology to enable the business outcomes a company is seeking. Like the digital transformation journey, companies may wonder what technologies are needed to kickstart a TX, concerned that there is no one platform that delivers on all four requirements. This is where your CCM platform enters. Your CCM platform has the ability to unlock the tremendous potential to deliver all 4 components of TX to enhance and empower both customers and employees.

Creating a connected Total Experience that starts with the first interaction a customer has with your company and follows throughout the entire customer journey requires a plan. BelWo has a methodology that puts a TX process in motion without the need to invest in additional technology. In our next blog, we will discuss a framework to show how a CCM platform can be utilized to deliver a successful TX.