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How Automated Data Processing in CCM Has Made Things Easier for Organizations

Gautam Jit Kanwar


In today’s fast-paced world, achieving quick proof approval can make the difference between a statement going out on time or late. Printing on-time delivery is essential in the world of documents (invoices, bank statements, etc.) as a late delivery can have financial repercussions. Many documents go through a prior approval process before being released for production. BelWo’s challenge was to develop an automated process for data processing in customer communication management(CCM) and then create a process that automatically posted the proof to a secure web portal for client approval. With the help of our partners and an agile team, we now offer CCM document automation to our clients.

Before delving further into this discussion, it is important to understand why we chose communications management.

Importance of CCM in Automated Data Processing

Managing customer communications is not a cakewalk. It demands the usage of different communication channels at one time. If an organization prefers doing it without the help of a CCM solution, it may take more time and make things complicated.

Document Processing Without CCM Help

When you execute the processing of a document without the help of communications management, you must go through many steps. Firstly, upon posting the proof, the client is notified via email that the proof is waiting for approval. The system also requires a triggered email if the approval is not received within the stipulated time. In addition, the portal requires multiple proof approval statuses: approved, not approved, approved with changes, and the ability to comment on what changes are necessary. When the approval is received, an email is triggered to the data processing team and released into production. If the job is not approved, a message is then sent to the data processing team with the required changes. Additionally, the system is bound to track changes and approvals in a database for future reference.

You can see how a simple thing could become so complex without CCM data automation.

How do we roll out document automation in the CCM solution?

Our .NET development team scopes out all the requirements to build the system and works closely with our customer base to discover any additional features or requirements. Realizing the need for secure online proofing, we also work through the different scenarios in the system. After weeks of testing and building, we then release the first version for client review that automates the process of CCM. With the help of the CCM system, our client increases the speed of approvals, reduces errors, and saves valuable customer service time with automated email triggers.

Through CCM automated approval, jobs are released into production at a faster rate. Apart from this, the incorporation of the Online Proofing Module into our data processing automation tool makes this process remarkably successful.