The Great Resignation: An Opportunity to Reset?

It’s all over the news. Millions of people around the world are re-evaluating their careers. Many are moving into new fields, long-term employees are retiring early at record rates and some employees are just quitting. In November of this year alone, 4.5 million people have left their jobs. What has been named the “Great Resignation,” is resulting in a mounting labor shortage that is challenging many businesses— and causing companies to rethink their people-dependent processes. With fewer mid-level managers returning to work, businesses are now faced with finding ways to do more with fewer ...

Make Room CCM—It’s Now All About CXM

For several years now, the role physical mail plays in the communication journey has been challenged. With the advent of mobile phones, almost every person in each corner of the globe has a tiny computer in their hand. While paper continues to be part of the customer communication equation, it is no longer all of the equation. Customer communication management (CCM) is now sharing the spotlight with the shiny new kid in town: customer experience (CX) and customer experience management (CXM). The new world of CX is not measured by 8.5 x 11 pages or interested in traditional formats. We now l...